The Rising of the Nicotine Pouch Industry

The Rising of the Nicotine Pouch Industry

The Rising of the Nicotine Pouch Industry

The global fight to resist cigarettes and reduce tobacco harm has taken diverse forms for many years. Recently, nicotine pouches is rising as an emerging industry, which has provided a potential solution to help smokers quit smoking. Research showed that the global market for nicotine pouches reached $1.5 billion last year. It can be attributed to the increasing interest of smokers who plan to quit, as well as the interest in healthier and safer alternatives to tobacco. Therefore, the nicotine pouch, as a cigarette alternative that doesn’t expose the lungs to smoke, has got high attention degree since it putting into the market.

Currently, there are several brands selling top nicotine pouches in the market. Taking NIOO as an example, it produces discreet nicopods to care for the requirements of customers, and the nicotine contained in NIOO pouches is extracted from the natural plants instead of tobacco; thus, its pouches don’t colour teeth or cause any damage to the mouth. 

Nicotine pouches are also easy to use. Due to the features of the smoke-free product, nicotine pouches are not limited to the smoking control regulation, allowing people to get nicotine stimulation in public places. You can put it directly between the gums and upper lips to get nicotine. If you're looking for a smoke-free alternative to tobacco, Grinds is a great option to consider.

Generally, nicotine pouches come in a large variety of flavours and different strengths. Customers can choose flavours like mint, coffee, and cinnamon according to their preferences. And they can also pick one from light, medium, or strong strengths based on personal situation. All in all, nicotine pouches have provided customers with various options. 

In addition to the features of nicotine pouches, we also explore the rising nicotine pouches industry:

  1. Competitors

Nowadays, as the anti-smoking rules become stricter, manufacturers in the tobacco industry are actively seeking transformation. That inspires a batch of alternatives, which includes e-cigarettes, heated not burn products, and other oral nicotine products like snus, lozenges, and gums. All those are common competitors for emerging nicotine pouches. 

A study on the sales of heat not burn products in Japan’s market shows that new ones have greatly affected its tobacco market, making cigarette sales drop by 8.2% in the last year. This success in resisting tobacco happens similarly in the UK since it endorsed vape use.

However, things are not so simple now. In America, laws on vapes vary from state. And as more deep studies on heat do not burn products and e-cigarettes, the limitation and regulations regarding cigarette alternatives will become stricter in the future. It is no wonder that smoke-free nicotine pouches are gaining popularity as smokers are looking for new solutions in case of restricted nicotine intake.

  1. Consumer interest

As nicotine pouches are new nicotine products in the market, related research regarding their long-term effect is still limited. But we have learned a few truths already. The use of nicotine pouches by smokers aged 18 to 44 was three times higher than that of older smokers, according to a recent study in the US. Meanwhile, nearly 17% of smokers said they were considering trying nicotine pouches.

The main reason people want to try nicotine pouches is that they use nicopods to quit smoking. It is also worth mentioning that smokers show more interest in using nicotine pouches in the future than other conventional smoke-free tobacco products like moist snuff and snus.

  1. Advertising strategy

Although the research of nicopods brands on advertising strategies is still lacking, we can find that nicotine pouches advertisements are increasing this year, covering radio to online display.

Thanks to the rich flavours, the most common propaganda themes are innovation, freedom, and fun. Besides, brands like NIOO also have a great promotional effect because of their top-quality products. Although nicotine pouches are less harmful than traditional tobacco products, their exaggerated propaganda is still open to debate.