Sex Life: What No One Is Talking About

Sex Life: What No One Is Talking About

Sex Life: What No One Is Talking About

Despite the fact we live in a very open and inclusive society, sex is still a taboo subject. People try to avoid discussing it as much as they can, for fear of judgment. If you are somebody who is very sexual (as in you have a high sex drive) then you probably want to discuss sex more than the average person. If this is true, then there are probably subjects you want to discuss that people don’t usually want to.

This post will cover this topic in more detail, touching upon a few subjects related to sex that people try to avoid talking about, so you can learn more about them, and become an expert at having sex.

Using Porn

Porn is something that’s widely used but is not really spoken about. A lot of people consider it to be a taboo subject, which is funny since nearly everybody consumes it (or has consumed it in the past). One type of porn that’s very popular is camgirl sites. You can click here to learn more about them. These sites give people the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with porn stars and models. They also enable people to request custom content, which can help them to fulfil their sexual fantasies. If you plan on using porn, then be sure to use it to explore and figure out what turns you on. Sexual exploration is very good for your health.


Sexually transmitted diseases are another thing that people tend not to talk about. However, the subject of STDs is a very important one. Among people who have casual sex, STDs are very common. Some of them can be fatal if they are left untreated. If you are going to be going out and having casual sex with people, then you need to make sure that you protect yourself and take care. You can do this by wearing protection and by getting to know the people that you are having sex with. Never have unprotected sex with a stranger, unless they can provide a certificate proving they are free from disease.

Casual Sex

Casual sex is very common in society today. If it’s something you are interested in having, then find a hookup site. Hookup sites are dating sites that cater to people who’re interested in casual sex, nothing more. Such sites are widely available and can be found all over the internet. All you have to do is put up a picture of yourself and you can then start looking for people in your area. If you do plan on using a casual hookup site, make sure you practice safe sex and verify your partner’s identity before meeting them.

Wearing Protection

Wearing protection is essential. It won’t just protect you from STDs and STIs, it’ll also protect you from unwanted pregnancies. In some parts of the United States, abortions have now been made illegal. This means that if you do not wear protection and end up getting (or getting somebody) pregnant, then you could have to live with that person’s child for the rest of your life. If you do not like the person or do not know them, then this could be extremely difficult and could be hard for you to do.

Knowing Partners

Whenever you are meeting somebody from a hookup site for sex, make sure you have spent some time getting to know them first. Too many people hook up on the same night that they match on these sites, which is a really bad idea. Hooking up with people as soon as you match with them means that you don’t have the time to learn about them as a person. Make sure you verify your partner’s identity before meeting them. You can do this by asking for a copy of their driver’s license or passport. Alternatively, you could ask them to send you a selfie doing a specific pose.


Finally, make sure that you practice sexual self-care. Whether you’re out having sex with strangers or just masturbating at home, self-care is essential. Not having good self-care can lead to the development of diseases, both physical and mental. STDs tend to spread through populations of people that don’t practice good self-care. People also tend to develop mental illnesses, like anxiety and depression, when they do not look after themselves sexually. After (or during) sex you are very vulnerable. Not having good self-care will amplify feelings of vulnerability and affect you.

Sex isn’t something a lot of people talk about. However, if you’re out having it with people, then it’s something you need to give serious thought to. Make sure you give thought to each of the topics mentioned here in this article, so you too can practice good sexual self-care.