Living with Oral Herpes [Dos and Don’ts]

Living with Oral Herpes [Dos and Don’ts]

Living with Oral Herpes [Dos and Don’ts]

Living with oral herpes is entirely different than your normal life. You must take additional care and protection to protect yourself and your partner. Oral herpes is a common type of herpes simplex virus in society. According to researchers, one in every six people has a herpes simplex infection. So there are plenty of other people who are living with similar conditions. 

Oral herpes causes cold sores and blisters around the mouth area. It is a fact that oral herpes is less dangerous than genital herpes, which causes blisters of lesions around the rectum and genital areas. 

However, it is a common infection that allows you to live everyday life and maintain healthy relationships.  

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Ways to live with oral herpes

It is shocking to hear about the oral herpes diagnosis in the doctor's office. However, several steps help you to maintain your normal life with oral herpes.

Know about your symptoms and their triggers

It is essential to always keep a close eye on symptoms of herpes infection. Remember that there is no cure for herpes once you get an infection. However, the severity of symptoms and frequency of outbreaks can be controlled by knowing about your condition. The common symptoms of oral herpes include cold sores around the mouth, fever, flu, and small bumps that look like pimples or ingrown hairs. Moreover, you also need to know about the triggers that cause the outbreak of herpes symptoms, like unhealthy food, alcohol, smoking, poor sleeping cycle, and many more. 

Regularly talk with your doctor.

Ensure to visit your doctor and talk about your treatments regularly. It will help to stop the spread of viruses and maintain our health. Regularly take antiviral medication to control the viral infection and its severity in your body. Oral herpes spreads through skin-to-skin contact, especially when you have active symptoms. So ask your doctor for further treatments and stay protected. 

Focus on your mental health  

It is a stressful condition when you know about your oral herpes-positive diagnosis. But also remember that stress, anxiety, and emotional stress cause difficulty healing oral herpes symptoms. So ensure to talk with your partner, who is the only person to give emotional support. If you have any medical concerns, you need to discuss them with your doctor instantly. 

It may be a burden on your mental health thinking that herpes causes unreversable influence on your dating life. The workaround is finding a positive ssingles herpes dating site for help.

Dating with oral herpes

Yes, you can live a happy life with oral herpes. Ensure to empower yourself by getting enough knowledge about your health and sharing it with your partner. It will give you emotional support and allow you to date your partner without fear. Honesty is the key to staying in a healthy relationship and enjoying everyday life with oral herpes-positive tests. Moreover, ensure to avoid the misconceptions and myths related to herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases. 

We hope this positive singles guide will help you live a happy life with oral herpes. However, you need to take additional care and protective measures to stop its spread to your partner and prevent frequent outbreaks.