How to look Cool Yet relaxed throughout Fall and Winter Upcoming Seasons

How to look Cool Yet relaxed throughout Fall and Winter Upcoming Seasons


How to look Cool Yet relaxed throughout Fall and Winter Upcoming Seasons

Fashion can be difficult to navigate. It was especially true, during the spring and summer seasons of 2022, when everything seemed to be in fashion, which also made it look like nothing was right, on anyone. That will not be the case for the upcoming seasons, thankfully. Fashion has been created to provide you with style, while enabling you to stay calm. Here is what to look for, in the upcoming fall and winter fashion seasons.

Trousers that show your forms and lets you breathe at the Same Time

One of the complicated elements of fashion is that we all have very different body shapes. And so, all clothes will not necessary look good on us. But there are ways to adjust. If you look closely at women’s trousers this year, you will notice that they tend to be tighter at the waist and opened at the bottom, in that 70s style. In other words, they show forms at the top, while letting in some open air, lower down. For someone who has a stronger backside, the trick will be to pick a trouser with a higher waistline. It will still show your form, but in a more flattering way.

There is no doubt that the mix of cool and relax starts with the trousers, this year. And it is not just in the cut, but also in the colours and the materials, chosen by the designers. There is nothing like a high-end pair of corduroy trousers to make you look great, yet completely relaxed. The same can be said about quality jeans. They both provide you with a look that reflects a state of mind of peace and comfort. Both these materials will be present on various styles of trousers, with conservative colours leading the way; blue and brown being the most popular, in various shades.

Coats and Jackets that You can wear in the City and the Countryside

The designs of coats and jackets, this upcoming season, may very well be the most indicative element that shows the two sides of fashion, right now. Most of them have been created, so that you can wear them in any occasions. There is no doubt that you can head out on a night in town with a classic wool coat (which will be a little bit oversized this year), but it is also perfect for a nice walk in the valley, under a full sun that will keep you company.

The same is true about a synthetic shearling coat, which will be all the rage, throughout the next few months. Worn in the city, it will give you a luxury look, when all buttoned up, while in the countryside you can wear it open, providing you that easy going energy that fits so well with nature around you. All in all, this fall and winter seasons are perfect in terms of fashion, for women that feel good about themselves, in any circumstances. We can only applaud that statement by fashion designers.