How to Choose The Right Bridesmaid Dress Color – Shopping Tutorial To Make Your Girls Look Perfect

How to Choose The Right Bridesmaid Dress Color – Shopping Tutorial To Make Your Girls Look Perfect


How to Choose The Right Bridesmaid Dress Color – Shopping Tutorial To Make Your Girls Look Perfect

We can attest that choosing a colour scheme for your wedding is among the most challenging decisions you'll have to make.  The vast array of gorgeous colours and hues that are available, as well as the shades that are featured in bridal publications and Pinterest boards, can leave brides perplexed or overwhelmed at such an important choice. As this theme will be captured in your wedding pictures for years to come, it is a choice that must be carefully considered.

Because bridesmaid dresses are the primary mode that your colour scheme is displayed on the wedding day and because they are such a focus point, you should choose a dress colour that you enjoy. Fortunately, we have some simple suggestions to help you narrow down your options and choose the perfect colour palette for your big day that will complement your bridesmaids and appear wonderful in pictures. Let's look more closely:

Factors to Take Into Account When Choosing Shades For Your Bridesmaids

Before you start your bridesmaid search, do some research so that you can see what you like, and what you don’t. There is no shortage of inspiration available out there – to help decide on your colour scheme and the kind of bridesmaid designs that you like, have a look at bridal publications, social media platforms like Instagram and wedding profiles on Pinterest to help spark your imagination. This might not narrow it down to one colour, but it will at least give you an idea of what is in style, and shades that you definitely want to avoid. 

When looking for the ideal bridesmaid dress, one of the biggest errors brides make is to try to pick out one particular precise colour right away. If you do this too early, you end up with fewer options for the brand and style of bridesmaid gowns, which might cause problems later on. Instead, you can have a general notion of colours in mind (for instance, rose gold color dresses), but reserve deciding on a precise colour until your bridesmaids have had a chance to examine and try on several shade options. 

There are many bridesmaid dress designers such as that have a number of different bridesmaid dress designs, each with over 60 shade options to choose from. This means that if you have a precise shade you are looking for, you have hundreds of different dress designs that will come in this particular shade – opening up your options. Simply browse any dress on their website, and click on the shade chart to see it in the shade of your choice. If you are swithering between a few shades, the website also offers swatches of each shade for a small cost, meaning that you can compare them next to each other, feel the quality of the material and see the colours under different lights to make sure you get the exact colour you are searching for. 

Identify which shades match your bridesmaids’ skin tone

If you are looking for the shades which suit your individual bridesmaids best, then it is essential that you look at their skin tone. Each skin tone is distinct, with cold, neutral, or warm undertones that look better when next to certain colours. Cool skin tones typically go well with silvers, blues and terracotta color dresses. Many colours found in nature, such as reds, beiges, and burn orange color dresses, go well with warmer skin tones. Neutral skin tones have the good fortune of looking amazing in most shades, keeping your options open.

Think about the season you are getting married in

You may choose the ideal colour for your bridesmaid gowns by taking the season of your wedding into consideration. Lighter colours such as pastel tones or champagnes are a popular choice for spring weddings, while bolder hues are ideal for summer weddings with lots of colours. Autumn weddings look lovely in subdued or warmer tones, while winter weddings sometimes feature festive reds and rich greens to represent the Christmas season. Some of our favourite dresses for winter come from the burgundy dresses of ChicSew, with this rich shade coming in a number of different designs. Although you shouldn't allow the seasons completely determine your colour selection, they may give you an idea of what would look fantastic at that time of year.

Consider Mix and Matching Your Shades

Although you might originally be thinking about all of your bridesmaids wearing the same colour, mix-and-match gowns are growing in popularity and are a great way to introduce more than one shade to your wedding. A mix-and-match dress can come in a variety of colours, such as all pastels, all jewel tones, or rainbow hues. It can also be used to create an ombre effect, in which you utilise several shades of the same colour to produce a lovely effect.

Your bridesmaids can choose a neckline or silhouette that they feel comfortable wearing if you use mix-and-match solutions, which also provide you with the option of mixing the designs of your gowns. Avoid combining too many gowns at once while wearing different shades as this can look unplanned. In order to allow for some degree of continuity in your bridesmaids' look, you should either select one precise colour and match the styles, or comparable styles but mix and match the colours. One of our favourite shade pairings this year has been earthy tones for a neutral, classy wedding such as the rust colour dresses and champagne dresses of Chicsew UK, which complement each other beautifully. 

The Take-Away

Choosing the perfect shade for your wedding is important. Firstly, it has to suit your bridesmaids, and it also has to match the vision that you have for your special day. Chicsew has a huge choice of bridesmaid dresses that all come in over 70 different shades – meaning that you have a wide range of choices, and you can find one that suits your needs. On top of this, check out Chicsew mother of the bride dresses, to allow your Mum to match in with the colour scheme of your day.