How to Avoid a ‘Bad Trip’ with Your Disposable Vape?

How to Avoid a "Bad Trip" with Your Disposable Vape?

Are you planning a vacation? If so, you will likely want to bring a disposable vape.

Taking along disposable vaping devices is no different from carrying a pack of cigarettes if you were a smoker. The only exception is that vaping devices differ slightly from conventional cigarettes when travelling by air.  IVG bar and lost Mary are Trending Disposable products in the market vapours community is very exicted about these products.

Disposable Vape and a Plane Ride

Vaping devices have a battery inside them, while an E-liquid is a liquid product that produces flavourful vapour. Most airlines have special regulations while travelling with both of these items.

Can you vape on a plane?

This is a no; none of the airlines allows vapes in flight. So, what are some rules and regulations that can cover travelling with vape gear? The below blog post will elaborate on everything a travelling vaper wants to know, first up;

Travelling Guidelines with your Vape

Most airlines will permit you to travel with your vape kit if you pay attention to their packing. The packaging g for travel should follow the rules and regulations, especially those covering e liquids and batteries.

You will have to do the following:

  1. Pack your disposable vape and extra batteries properly in your carry-on luggage. Ensure your device is turned off and the extra batteries are packed in dedicated boxes that prevent end terminals of batteries from touching anything that is metal.
  1. Caution: All lithium batteries and related items must be packed into your hand luggage due to the fire risks.
  1. When it comes to E liquids, you can pack them in your checked luggage or your carry-on bags. The thing to remember is that liquid containers that are in your carry-on baggage must be at most 1oz. These rules apply to all liquids, so you must follow them even when taking some nicotine-free E-liquid.  

However, you won’t have to follow special rules for packing your E-liquid stash in checked luggage. Now that you know the proper techniques and rules for safely packing your vape kits and accessories let’s move on to:

Universal Vape Etiquettes and Laws

Vaping regulations are on the rise with the increasing popularity of vapes. As laws can alter quickly and without any notice, checking up on the latest vaping regulations of your destination country is recommended before travelling.

There are a few countries where vaping is banned. In such places, your vape gear might be confiscated, and you can also be liable to pay heavy fines or even jail time if you are seen vaping in public. On the flipside, in countries where vaping is allowed, it is always better and advised to vape in areas dedicated to smoking.

To Summarize:

Proper packing for air travel always necessitates a well-thought-out planning procedure. When you decide to take along your disposable vape, and other vape accessories, your journey needs more proper planning.

Rules are put into effect that majorly governs almost every aspect of travelling. Therefore, it is advised to check on the rules of the airline, airports, and the country you plan on visiting, as all of these are essential to make your trip safer and enjoyable.