Fashion cannabis products

Fashion cannabis products

Whether you're looking for something casual, something stylish, or something unique, there's definitely a fashion cannabis product to meet your needs. We've rounded up some of the best products on the market, so you can be sure to find something that meets your needs.

It is also possible to make your own cannabis infused beauty products at home. Simply look for the top cannabis seeds in the USA, purchase some seeds and grow them at home. Once fully grown you can harvest the and begin the extraction process to produce oil and infuse it to your favorite beauty products.

BPCM Cannabis

BPCM, a New York City based strategic consulting and communications firm, is launching its newest division, BPCM Cannabis. The division is aimed at helping pioneering cannabis brands position themselves in the lifestyle category. Specifically, BPCM will offer core services including event management, celebrity engagement, digital marketing and product innovation.

The new BPCM Cannabis division is helmed by a veteran of the fashion world, fashion and cannabis branding guru Lisa Gabor. Previously, she was the founding editor of InStyle magazine and co-founder of the Arcview Group, an award-winning boutique marketing agency. She believes that the legal cannabis industry will eventually be integrated with the rest of the industry.

Sundae School

Originally conceived as a boutique smoke wear brand, Sundae School is now expanding into the cannabis market. Currently, the company's fashion lineup includes pre-rolled joints, vaporizer pens, and smoking accessories.

The Sundae School fashion line is designed to bring a new vibe to the cannabis industry. The brand draws inspiration from the Korean lifestyle, including illustrations from traditional culture and silhouettes of traditional attire. The uniform is a combination of streetwear staples and tongue-in-cheek designs.

The founders of Sundae School are best friends from elementary school in South Korea. They discovered marijuana at two different boarding schools. They met on weekends, and together came up with fashion ideas while smoking. Their initial collection included hoodies, jackets, and other streetwear.

Since its debut at New York Fashion Week: Men, Sundae School has been expanding its line of fashion. Its latest collection is called "The Green Rush." It's a nod to the recent legalization of medical marijuana in South Korea. The collection also draws a connection between the California Gold Rush and the rise of the cannabis industry.

Korto Momolu For Women Grow

During New York Fashion Week, renowned fashion designer Korto Momolu teamed up with Women Grow. The partnership resulted in a cannabis-inspired collection designed to break through the stigma associated with cannabis. Among other things, the collection featured sustainable fabrics like linen and hemp.

The Genifer M line, a line of jewelry inspired by cannabis, also debuted at the show.

The Korto Momolu for Women Grow capsule collection sold out on the spot. The capsule collection is made up of health and leisure wear for the women who have the need and desire to incorporate cannabis into their lives.

The fashion show included 26 looks. The line incorporated sustainable materials like hemp and cork. The designs also included elements of athleisure and high-fashion. The models were of all sizes, and the runway show had a nod to health and wellness.

Papers + Ink

Whether you are a seasoned smoker or new to the weed game, Papers + Ink's got you covered with a smorgasbord of smoking goodies to choose from. Their lineup is stacked with top of the line wares, ranging from a stylish ashtray to the latest in high-tech rolling papers. They even carry a nice selection of grinders.

If you are looking for something a little more hands on, the Papers + Ink team can design a custom rolling accessory for you and your bud. Among their collection are a variety of king size papers in varying colors. They also carry a wide selection of cigarette lighters, filters, rolling paper cases, and ashtrays. The team's dedication to quality and style is apparent in every detail, from the etched signatures to the handcrafted packaging.

Sackville & Co.

Founded by two designers, Sackville & Co. creates smoking accessories and high-end cannabis products that look good and are made from high-quality materials. The line is for modern female smokers who want to upgrade their high life.

Lana Van Brunt and Hayley Dineen are the founders of Sackville & Co. After working for many high-end fashion brands including Yeezy, Adidas, Canada Goose, Stella McCartney, and October's Very Own, they decided to start their own company. They created a brand that would bring the design-forward consumer together with hip-hop culture. They also wanted to erase the stigma of smoking weed.

Sackville & Co's products are chic, sleek, and stacked. The line includes grinders, rolling papers, and starter kits. Each month, a new artist collaborates with Sackville & Co. They work with artists like rap icon GZA from Wu-Tang Clan. The brand also donates a portion of its profits to the Last Prisoner Project.