Casino Dress Codes for Every Type of Casino Event

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Casino Dress Codes for Every Type of Casino Event

Whether you’re looking to casually visit a casino or planning to visit a casino during an event, understanding casino dress code etiquette is crucial. Dressing well speaks a lot about yourself and your experience, but understanding how and when to dress elegantly is just as important as knowing when doing so is a bit too much.

Casino attire goes way beyond dressing fancy all the time – and understanding how to dress according to the occasion will play a crucial role in the way others perceive you. Plus, it will give others an impression of how experienced you are. There’s nothing that screams “I’m new to casinos” more than someone dressed in a suit and a bowtie when the occasion doesn’t merit it – or wearing something that you don’t usually see in a casino. 

With this complete guide to casino dress codes, you’ll never find yourself not knowing how to dress. It’s an ideal guide for those who want to get acquainted with the world of land-based casino events.

  1. Overall Breakdown of Casino Dress Codes

According to The Casino Wizard, casino apparel is as varied as attire variations in the real world. There are all sorts of ways to dress when visiting a land-based casino, which is influenced by the casino’s location, dress standards, people’s preferences, and whether you’re attending a casino event or heading to the casino for a fun evening. 

Among the popular types of dress codes that exist and that people usually wear to land-based casinos, these ones stand out: 

  • Formal
  • Semi-Formal
  • Casual 
  • Black Tie
  • Rule-Breaking Apparel

Let’s take a deeper look into these dress codes so you can have a better understanding of when to wear them and what each of them represents for men and women. 

  1. Formal Casino Dress Codes

When to Wear: At any casino after 6 PM

When in doubt, always opt for the formal dress code. This is generally widely accepted in casinos across the world and it’s the most likely type of dress code to help you fit right in. It is basically the same type of clothing that is worn by office goers across the globe – both for men and for women.

Besides, if you know how to dress formally on a budget, you don’t even need to spend a lot of money to get your looks right. 

Depending on the casino, though, business formal clothes may be better off not being worn. Some casinos prefer their visitors to wear more casual clothes, in which case semi-formal wear may be a much better choice. 

  1. For Men

  • Formal suits and trousers with formal ties
  • Darker clothes than usual
  • Formal shoes
  1. For Women

  • Blazers and blouses for tops, but casual shoes are fine
  • Clothes shouldn’t be too tight
  • Dresses are generally worn below the knees
  1. Semi-Formal Casino Dress Codes

When to Wear: Almost anywhere except in formal dress code events

The semi-formal outfit is the most popular casino outfit across the globe. It combines the comfort of casual wear with the looks of formal wear, striking a perfect balance that helps you give fantastic vibes without having to overdress. 

There are many ways in which you can combine your clothes to create a semi-formal attire, which gives you a lot of room to maneuver to make you feel more comfortable when dressing to play in a casino.

Some people recommend wearing semiformal attire before six PM, but that doesn’t always need to be the case. For most casinos, semiformal attire works well for any time of the day – be it for men or for women. 

  1. For Men

  • Black or gray suits, usually open, with a white shirt underneath
  • Avoid wearing ties
  • Avoid Oxfords and opt for something less formal
  1. For Women

  • Cocktail dresses are usually the way to go
  • Sandals and open shoes with flat heels are generally the best ones to choose
  • Light and dark colors are equally acceptable
  1. Casual Casino Dress Codes

When to Wear: When visiting a casino outside of evening hours or when visiting a casino located within a hotel

Gone are the days of casinos always expecting people to dress fancily. Since many people like to play casually and could end up visiting casinos quite often, dressing in “everyday” clothing is now widely accepted.

Although the line is generally drawn at shorts, some people wear them in style and casinos may not even look down upon people that wish to dress in them.

However, there are occasions in which casual may be a bit too loose. If you feel that you don’t want to dress casually, then you may want to go with a smart casual look. For men, smart casual is nothing more than a well-kept pair of trousers and a t-shirt. For women, a similar attire makes do as well.

  1. For Men

  • Shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Jeans and khaki pants
  1. For Women

  • Regular blouses and dresses
  • Skirts and jeans
  • Standard casual shirts
  1. Black Tie Casino Dress Codes

When to Wear: Special events and VIP lounges

Now, as good as formal clothes are, few come close to the level of formality that black tie clothing gives you. This also means that these clothes should be reserved for special occasions, and dressing with black tie clothing for your everyday casino visit is generally not deemed necessary and could be seen as excessive, especially by other frequent visitors of the casino.

These are the types of clothes that you’ll expect to see in high-end events or in casinos that are generally frequented by high rollers. After all, it is no coincidence that it is the most common type of attire in casinos such as the Montecarlo.

  1. For Men

  • White shirt below black formal suit
  • Dress shoes, generally Oxfords
  • Black tie, as the name of the outfit indicates
  1. For Women

  • Long, black cocktail dresses
  • Designs that enhance the women’s silhouettes
  • Although dresses are generally the go-to option, dress pants could also do the trick
  1. Rule-Breaking Apparel: When to Dress Differently?

Certain attires, such as the ones worn in fashion shows, may also prove to be quite the outfit for the casino goer that looks to break the norm. It may be seen as too much for certain occasions, but outfits such as the ones found in the Maison Margiela Artisanal Fall 2020 attire may prove to be the ones that catch the most eye in formal events.

You don’t need to break the bank to break the norm, though. Some attires may give the same visual vibes as one of these fashion show attires, with the one difference being that they don’t cost thousands of dollars to wear. You can draw inspiration from fashion shows or fashion events and build a custom outfit yourself. Who knows? It may become the talk of the evening!

Just remember: you should only dress differently in the type of dress code that is expected to be worn in the event that you’re attending. Dressing differently in casual clothes is not the same as dressing differently in formal clothes. Try a casino bonus on Fliptroniks.

  1. The Do’s and Don’t of Casino Dress Codes

Before you go, we’re going to give you a small breakdown of the dos and don’ts of casino apparel. You can use these tips in conjunction with the aforementioned tips to help you create the perfect attire for the events that you wish to assist.

  • Don’t overdress for the occasion;
  • Do keep in line with local culture. What may seem appropriate in some countries may be deemed offensive in others;
  • Don’t dress casually for special events;
  • Do check the common dress code etiquette of the casino that you want to visit before you decide how to dress;
  • Don’t wear flip-flops or similar shoe-wear to a casino. It is generally deemed distasteful to do so;
  • Do keep in mind that evening wear is usually much more elegant than day-wear in most casinos.
  1. Verdict: The Importance of Following Dress Code Etiquette

Knowing how to dress appropriately is one of the fundamentals of land-based casinos. Ultimately, the most important aspect of dress code etiquette is that you are comfortable with what you decide to wear. That is even more important if the casino that you’re attending has a loose dress code. You should always be happy with what you wear.

See how people usually attend the casino if you want to fit in right away and dress. Combine comfort with aesthetics to create the attire of your dreams and head out to your favorite casino to have as much fun as possible – and remember: you can always give a quick call to your local casino’s customer support line to ask how you should dress.

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