7 Most Enchanting Locations In Pakistan

natural wonder of Pakistan you would never imagine

7 Most Enchanting Locations In Pakistan


There are so many stunning locations in Pakistan that attract tourists from all over the world. These locations are places of scenic, natural beauty, set amidst clouds, lofty mountains, fabulous forests and much more. Since they are so frequently visited the Pakistan government has set up means to access them for sightseeing.

You can reach Pakistan from any country in the world through quick international flights from its capital city. Look into PIA booking to find the airline that offers connectivity according to your desired date and complete the booking online. Once you are in Pakistan, arrange for local transport to visit these locations: 

         Attabad Lake – This is an artificial lake that was created in 2010 as a result of a natural disaster that obstructed the flow of the River Hunza. Today it has become a prime tourist point with people from all over coming to enjoy water adventures in it such as fishing, boating and jet skiing. The clear blue waters of the lake are complemented by the stunning beauty of mountains belonging to the Karakoram mountain.

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         Shalimar Bagh, also known as the beautiful Shalimar Gardens was built during the Mughal rule and showcases the typical features of this period. Located in Lahore, it is a very important tourist attraction covering a huge 16 hectares. It is listed as a UNESCO heritage Site and its elements show the perfect harmony between humans and nature. Its artificial cascades and terraces are an engineering feat of the past that is quite stunning.

         Banjosa Lake is located 18 kilometers from Rawalakot city and is at an altitude of 1981 meters. It showcases picturesque beauty and is set amidst pine forests which makes the place so ethereal. It is a wonderful artificial lake that can be accessed through a small road. It also serves as a tourist resort, The Chota Gala Bazaar and the Banjosa Bazaar are just one kilometer away from this place.

         Fairy Meadows is named so due to its majestic beauty and the name was given by Hermann Buhl, an Australian mountain climber when he had come here in 1953 to climb mount Nanga Parbhat. The lush greenery surrounding lofty mountains makes it a paradise on earth. Since 1995, it has been designated as a national park by the Pakistani Government. As it is located at an altitude of 3300 meters, it is used as the base area for climbers venturing into the Rakhoit section of mount Nanga Parbhat. 

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         Saiful Muluk is a lake that is a must to visit due to its serenity and emerald green waters. It is also one of Pakistan’s highest lakes and is located at an altitude of 3224 meters above sea level.  The entire place is amazing with floating clouds and lofty mountain peaks, so picturesque like none other. The lake’s name comes from a fairy tale written by the Sufi poet Mian Muhammed Bakhsh about a prince named Saiful Malook and a princess Badri-Ul-Jamala.

         Margalla Hills is a place of exotic natural beauty, known for its unique flora and fauna. That’s why it was declared by the Pakistani government as a national park. This is the place for paleontology and archaeologists to study as human footprints have been found preserved in sandstone which was more than one million years old. On the hills, there are about 250 to 300 species of plants, most of which are used for treating diseases.

         Kachura Lakes are beautiful lakes situated in the Skardu district of Gilgit-Baltistan, at an altitude of 2500 meters. Skardu district is known for its historical sites and mountains, and freshwater springs. Such is the beauty of the place that will leave you with memories of a place of ethereal and stunning beauty. The photos of this location reveal its stunning natural and picturesque beauty which is unmatched elsewhere in the world. Some of the many adventure activities that tourists take up include fishing, hiking, and mountaineering.

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