6 non-standard ways to buy inexpensive airline tickets for students

6 non-standard ways to buy inexpensive airline tickets for students

6 non-standard ways to buy inexpensive airline tickets for students

The most common tips are to book tours in advance, buy round-trip tickets from the same company or take advantage of airline promotions. We decided to offer some less obvious tips. They will be especially useful for students who want to travel around the world but have limited budget. With our tips you will be able to save on write my research paper service or new jeans.

Take advantage of someone else's mistake

Of course, it sounds so-so, but as you know, if you want to live, make a mistake. Another stranger's mistake will help you save on airfare.

In fact, when unloading prices for flights errors happen very often - usually due to simple typos by airline employees. These tickets are available for a short time, at most an hour and a half or two hours, and then the prices change. But during this time you can manage to buy a ticket.

Of course, no one is guaranteed that the flight reservation will be canceled, refunding the money. But more often than not, airlines leave everything as it is.

Uncomfortable, but cheap

Night flights are cheaper than day flights. If you're a money-saving maniac, then you won't be afraid of the discomfort of flying. Flying at night or on weekdays is cheaper than during the day or on weekends.  

Seasonality also affects the price. Flights during school vacations, peak summer seasons, and long January or May holidays are always expensive. Booking early helps a little with this, but doesn't save much.

Nearby airport

If you are flying into a relatively small country, you can buy a ticket at a nearby airport (a smaller, busier, or more popular one). It may be much cheaper.

It's cheaper for invisible

When buying a ticket, be invisible. Buying tickets online is certainly very convenient. But few people think that often our computers and the Internet become the main enemies in the search for cheap tickets. The fact is that they give out all the information about us, and some of the data affect the prices. That is, it is more expensive to look for tickets from the capital than from some tiny Thai town. The same goes for devices: you will find more expensive deals for a MacBook than for laptops running on android. Not to mention how often you check the price of the ticket. Each time it will only get more expensive.

Become more cunning than tricky sellers. Wipe your browsing history, clear your cookies, use a VPN, visit the site "from another country" or enable incognito mode on your device.  

The easiest way to enable incognito mode is to use hotkeys. This is usually a combination of Ctrl (or Command for macs) + Shift + n (sometimes - p). If you are logging in from your phone, see the settings menu - there should be a sentence "Open window in incognito mode". I learned the hard way that combining my first and middle name on an airline ticket is not a good idea.

Connecting flights

Everyone knows that flying with a connection is often cheaper than flying direct. But it also happens that flying to the city you want is cheaper if it becomes a connecting flight rather than a destination. In this case, you can simply skip the connecting flight.

Using this method of saving money, there are two important things to keep in mind. If you're flying with luggage, you should have two tickets on hand - before and after the connection. If the ticket and the airline are the same, your luggage will be transferred to another flight automatically, that is, you will not be able to get it at the transfer point and leave the airport (the suitcase will fly to the final destination). An even more important point: when resorting to such tricks, don't buy a round-trip ticket. As soon as you don't get on board after the connection, your entire ticket (and the return ticket) will be canceled.

Exchange rates

The exchange rate affects ticket prices. Prices are adjusted according to it on Wednesday night. Accordingly, if you are afraid that the price will go up, buy a ticket before Wednesday. If you are sure that the price will go down - wait a day or two.