6 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Scrub Outfits

6 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Scrub Outfits

7 Interesting Things You Didn't Know About Scrub Outfits

Surgical scrubs are a necessary part of the medical field, but did you know that there's more to them than what meets the eye? From its history to its modern-day variants, there is a wealth of information about surgical scrubs that most people don't know. Read on to discover seven interesting facts about scrub outfits! Learn how they've changed over the years, how they are now used in the medical field, and more. Get ready to be surprised by all you didn't know about surgical scrubs!

1. The Origin of Scrubs 

So, where did surgical scrubs come from? Scrubs are believed to have originated in the ancient Roman Empire. During this time, doctors and surgeons used white cloths known as “gowns” to cover themselves while treating their patients. These gowns were typically made of linen or wool and had long sleeves with a hood-like structure at the back. Also, when it comes to surgical caps, for instance, their origin is credited to the Middle Ages, when physicians wore them as a sign of respect for their profession. Not only were they a sign of respect, but surgical caps were also believed to provide protection from airborne germs or contaminants even then.

2. Different Types of Scrubs 

Today, there are several different types of scrubs available for medical professionals. Depending on the type and amount of protection needed, doctors and surgeons can wear full-length gowns, mid-length jackets, short-sleeve tops, and pants, or even shorts and t-shirts. Additionally, many hospitals now require medical professionals to wear color-coded scrubs to help identify their roles within the hospital. For example, nurses may wear light blue while doctors typically wear navy blue or green. 

3. Scrub Fabrics 

The fabric used to make scrubs has also evolved over time. While linen and wool were the fabrics of choice many centuries ago, today’s medical professionals typically wear comfortable and lightweight cotton or polyester blends. These fabrics are designed to be breathable, wrinkle-resistant, and easy to clean. They also come in a variety of colors and patterns, so that medical professionals can express their personal style while on the job.

4. Modern Uses of Scrubs 

The modern use of scrubs has also changed over time. In hospitals today, scrubs are designed not only for protection but also for comfort and convenience. Medical professionals often spend long hours on their feet, so comfortable scrubs are essential. Many hospitals also have strict regulations regarding the type and color of scrubs that can be worn. Additionally, many medical professionals now wear disposable scrubs while performing surgery or other invasive procedures to help prevent contamination.

5. Different Colors for Different Departments 

In modern times, surgical scrubs come in a variety of colors depending on the department or hospital where they are used. Scrubs for doctors and surgeons may be blue or green, while nurses and other medical staff can wear gray, yellow, pink, purple, and other colors. This helps to easily differentiate the different roles of medical staff, an important safety measure for hospitals and medical centers.

6. Variety of Surgical Scrub Fabrics 

Surgical scrubs are traditionally made from cotton or polyester fabric blends, which offer a comfortable fit as well as easy cleaning and maintenance. However, nowadays there are a variety of fabric choices available for surgical scrubs that provide greater comfort, protection, and durability. Popular fabric options for scrubs include antimicrobial fabrics, breathable wick-away fabrics, liquid-repellent fabrics, and even varieties with built-in UV protection.

7. Unusual Uses for Scrubs 

If you’re an avid fan of scrubs, you may already know the many ways they can be used outside of the medical environment. Scrubs can also make great gardening apparel, as the fabric resists dirt and stains and is comfortable to wear over long periods. For those who like creating art or craft projects, scrubs can protect clothing from paint and glue. 

Scrubs are also an inexpensive option for cover-ups when painting or doing other home repair projects. Finally, if you’re a pet owner who likes to get messy with your pet in the yard, scrubs make great outdoor wear to keep your regular clothing from getting soiled. No matter what your activity level is, a set of scrubs can provide the perfect outfit for any occasion.

In the end, there are many things about surgical scrub outfits that people don't know. From the importance of proper fit and fabric to the different styles available, there is much to learn about this medical apparel. It's also important for medical personnel to understand the strict regulations surrounding these garments in order to ensure a safe working environment. With its array of colors, designs, and fabric choices, the surgical scrub outfit is a surprisingly versatile way to look professional and stay safe. Thanks for reading!