5 Fashion Tips for Wedding Guests

5 Fashion Tips for Wedding Guests

5 Fashion Tips for Wedding Guests

The peak wedding season is just around the corner, and invitations have started to roll in. Bridal guests are eagerly planning their outfits for the summer weddings ahead. However, choosing what to wear and not what to wear can be difficult and tricky, regardless of your relationship with the happy couple or role at the wedding. Here are some tips on how to best dress for a wedding and avoid fashion faux pas on this special day. 

Dress for the season

Weddings involve taking lots of photos, so you want to feel your best when attending the event. These special occasions also involve many hanging around, so wearing a short dress to a winter wedding will leave you freezing in the cold, unable to enjoy this big day.

Dressing for the season is the key. Invest in a properly fitting blazer that will give additional warmth for mild weather without overpowering your outfit. For a summer wedding, look for a short sleeve dress in a floaty or lightweight fabric. Avoid anything too form-fitting, as it will feel restrictive.

Invest in accessories

Attending many weddings in a row can be expensive, especially when each event needs a new outfit. The best way to avoid breaking your pocket is to buy a few beautiful modest affordable dresses and update them for each wedding by wearing different diamond jewelry, shoes, handbags, and hats. Wedding accessories are an excellent way of updating your look and introducing the latest wedding trends.

Don’t wear all-black

Wearing black is traditionally associated with mourning and is widely considered an inappropriate wedding outfit choice. However, it’s common for modern dress codes to allow black or earnestly encourage guests to wear it. While wearing black is more acceptable today, be sure to include a splash of color when you do so. This could be wearing a patterned dress or a black top with a colorful skirt.  

Keep away from white

Wearing white is the biggest mistake you can make as a wedding guest. The bride will wear a white or ivory gown in most scenarios, so guests should avoid these two colors. You don’t want to be accused of stealing focus or, worst case, being confused with the bride by a distant relative or a catering staff.

Finding something not white can be overwhelming when shopping for a summer wedding. Rather than completely discarding the idea of white, pick an outfit with a white base but embellished with a beautiful print. You can also look for patterns or flowers.

Don’t dress too casually

Wearing jeans at a wedding is a big no, regardless of the dress policy for the event. Don’t forget that this is the bride and groom’s big day, and you would not expect guests to wear jeans if it were your nuptial. Use this special day to dress to the nines and boast of your new dress. If dresses are really not your thing, look for a pair of cigarette pants coupled with a clear-cut blazer.


Picking the right wedding guest outfit can be a tricky task. Use these six fashion tips to ensure you get the perfect outfit for the wedding. Always wear comfortable shoes and avoid black and white to make you look your best on this big day.