10 Surprising Items in Your Office That Need Regular Cleaning

10 Surprising Items in Your Office That Need Regular Cleaning

10 Surprising Items in Your Office That Need Regular Cleaning

We all know how important it is to keep your office clean. Not only is it a necessary part of maintaining a safe and healthy environment, but it also contributes towards creating a space in which people can feel comfortable and productive.

While everyone knows that you’ve got to clean the toilets and hoover the carpet, what about some items that are commonly forgotten about? Let’s take a look at the top 10 surprising items that need regular cleaning in your office.


Anything that’s used regularly is going to need cleaning, but people somehow tend to overlook chairs! It’s normally not enough to just dust it off every now and then - office chairs tend to need deep cleaning on a fairly regular basis as well.


Computer keyboards can get notoriously dirty, and it’s important that you clean them every now and then. Different brands can be cleaned in different ways, but generally, you’ll want to use compressed air to clean under the keys and some disinfectant wipes on top of them.


Like keyboards, office phones can quickly become surprisingly dirty as a result of how regularly they’re used. Rather than waiting until they’re so dirty that you can actually see the grime, take a preventative approach and wipe them down at least once a week. 

Light switches

Light switches and the wall area surrounding them can quickly become an eyesore, especially against clean white walls. Make sure that they’re wiped down, at least once a day, to prevent this from occurring.


Handles of all kinds, whether on a drawer or a door, tend to be touched multiple times each day, making them hotspots for germs. They’re easy to clean but also easy to forget - just a quick wipe-down with a disinfectant should do the trick.

Water dispensers

Water dispensers are a common sight in offices nowadays, and it shouldn’t need to be stated how important it is that they’re kept as hygienic as possible. Make sure that you regularly wipe down all surfaces that are touched, ideally several times a day.

Coffee machines

Coffee isn’t a luxury - most of us need it to function in a productive manner. Keep your employees happy by ensuring that any coffee machines in the office are kept clean and sanitary, wiping them down and deep cleaning the internals on a regular basis. 

Air ducts

In busy offices, air ducts can quickly develop build-ups of dust. Make sure that they’re wiped down regularly, and schedule proper maintenance several times a year to change the filter. 


It’s not just the handles of drawers that can become filthy - the insides need attention as well. Make sure that they’re regularly emptied completely, and cleaned out of any dust and dirt. 


Finally, plants - while they can absolutely lift a space, they can also become an eyesore. Make sure that you dust the containers regularly, and don’t let any dirt spill around when you water them.

Obviously, every office will be slightly different - you might have a flowerpot that’s always dirty, or a bowl of fruit that really needs taking care of. Make your own list of items that regularly get forgotten about, by taking inspiration from this list, and then make sure that you keep them sparkling clean.