Four Different Types of Bonuses Casinos Offer

Four Different Types of Bonuses Casinos Offer

Four Different Types of Bonuses Casinos Offer

The gambling industry has been booming in recent years, particularly with the growth of online casinos during the Covid-19 pandemic. This has meant that now more than ever, casinos are offering competitive bonuses to entice or retain customers. We look at four of these different types of bonuses that casinos offer, and how they can be used best.

Loyalty Bonuses 

With the gambling industry growing at a rate of knots, casinos are working harder than ever before to hang on to their existing customers.

Because it’s so easy for customers to be enticed away by the next shiny offering on the market, casinos have developed something called a loyalty bonus. In essence, this rewards customers for sticking around and spending their money in one location. Generally, these loyalty bonuses are measured in terms of quantity—for example, the 1000th bet a customer makes may be rewarded, or a prize is unlocked for every $500 spent.

The substance of a loyalty bonus can vary wildly from casino to casino but generally looks like casino credit, or extra curricula perks such as free drinks, access, or accommodation.


Free Spin Bonuses

Another bonus often given to existing customers is free spins. This is common across all types of casinos, but particularly online these days. Generally, when a casino brings out a new slot machine game, they will offer free spins to some of their existing customers, as a way of initially generating some activity in the game. This is sometimes also done to new customers as part of an initial bonus for signing up.

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Deposit Bonuses

This type of bonus is generally used to entice new players into a casino. Usually, a deposit bonus will reward a customer’s deposit by matching or multiplying it with casino money. For example, if a customer deposits $100, the casino may add $100 of their own as a deposit bonus, giving the customers $200 to gamble with.

There are some clauses to be aware of with deposit bonuses, namely that they usually need to be bet multiple times before it’s possible to cash them out. Regardless, it’s a great way of topping up your casino balance to match your lifestyle quickly.

Another type of bonus that is similar to this is the no-deposit bonus. These essentially work the same way, except they do not require a deposit. They are designed to draw in new customers with a zero-risk punt. 

Welcome Bonuses

Last but not least is the welcome bonus, which is perhaps the most competitive space in the gambling industry. All casinos want new customers to come in and gamble—and they believe that once they’ve gone through the process of setting up an account and learning how to place bets, they’ll be much more likely to keep returning than go elsewhere. As a result, welcome bonuses exist, and generally look like a combination of many other bonuses, with some deposit matching, as well as some free bets and spins.