7 Things You can Learn on The Internet to Upskill in Life

7 Things You can Learn on The Internet to Upskill in Life

7 Things You can Learn on The Internet to Upskill in Life


The pandemic made people realize the importance of the internet and how it is not just limited to socializing. When people started losing jobs and students had to study while staying at home, they probably realized how essential it is to upskill. 

The size of the global e-learning market will go over USD 315 billion in 2021. From 2022 to 2028, it is expected to grow at a 20% CAGR. During 2021, massive open online courses (MOOCs) saw a rise in enrollment from 300,000 to 220 million students.

The pandemic has subsided, thankfully, but the upskilling trend is here to stay. You can also jump on the bandwagon. There are a ton of helpful services and educational resources available inside the nebulous boundaries of the Internet. 

Employers now place more emphasis on determining whether applicants possess the requisite sets of abilities to succeed in their jobs than they once did on college degrees and GPAs. 

A recent report from LinkedIn Learning says that the economy is going through a revolution in upskilling and reskilling. Any online certification program can change your professional path in the way you want by using video lessons and free online courses. You can benefit from the upskilling and reskilling revolution by doing this.

Here are some skills you can learn on the internet for a very  minimal fee and often for free: 

A New Language

Learning a new language online from home is simple and reasonably priced with tools. Learning a new language improves your employability and financial success. 

It increases your capacity to communicate with more people, can lead to new opportunities, and broadens your perspective. Due to people staying at home to avoid the coronavirus, there has been an exponential increase in web traffic for learning new languages over the past year. Don't let the fact that you can't travel deter you. The time has come.

Economics And Finance

As we grow up, we gradually learn how important it is to be well-educated about finances and economics. This knowledge is not just an upskill, but it is essential for a safe and secure life. 

There are various websites like sweetstudy.com that offer dozens of graduate and undergraduate course components in economics. According to SweetStudy.com, students can also purchase answers to legacy questions and use them later in the course. 

These courses frequently come with syllabi, tests, well-organized topic sections, and supplementary texts in PDF formats. The majority of courses also have a single website where students can download all of the required readings and links to lecture recordings.

One of the most prudent financial practices you can learn online is investing. You're thinking about investing incorrectly if you believe that you don't have a sizable sum of savings in your bank account for investments. Purchasing and selling stocks, bonds, or options is just one aspect of investing.


Whether you're in high school or college, enrolling in online history courses is a terrific option. In actuality, taking online history classes for college credit isn't necessary for it to be beneficial. Understanding prior human experiences can help you understand why things are the way they are today. Additionally, it can aid in your growth of a deeper comprehension of the environment.

You have a plethora of options when it comes to online history classes. You can enroll in classes in either American or international history. There are also courses with a specific focus, such as ones on the Civil Rights Movement or Ancient Greece.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been around since about 1997, although it has seen numerous changes and evolutions since then. Its main objective is to increase organic (non-paid) search engine traffic to a website. Sounds straightforward enough, but with more than 200 supposed determinants for search engine rankings (assumed because no one is really sure), optimizing websites becomes challenging.

But despite its complexity, the effort is worthwhile. That's due to the fact that websites with good optimization can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in passive income. Additionally, as more companies launch websites and/or e-commerce storefronts, skilled SEOs can market their optimization services to a constantly expanding clientele online.

Because of this, SEO is still among the most worthwhile skills you can acquire today. Learning this talent will pay for itself tenfold, whether you want to start an agency, make websites for yourself, or provide optimization services as a freelancer on the Internet. Particularly so if you combine it with web building, marketing, and Google Analytics knowledge.

Development & Coding

Did you know that creating a custom website is quite simple? There are individuals who have no prior coding or web development knowledge but have learned how to code using free online tutorials and forums. 

Excel is only one of the many computer and web applications that can simplify your life. A lot of companies and people understand how important it is to move online. Computer and web programming expertise is becoming more and more valuable.

You will benefit from this expertise as more people spend time online, whether for website or app creation. The digital age is here.


One of the most crucial abilities you may possess is writing. In this day and age of the internet, texting, and social media, it is how the majority of us communicate. Your speaking abilities will also improve as a result of your writing. Books, online classes, videos, and, of course, writing practice are all excellent ways to learn how to improve your writing abilities.

Artistic Talents

There are several resources available that can show you how to pick up a new artistic ability, including books, classes, and videos. The ability to create is not innate. In a short period of time, you can learn how to improve your drawing, painting, illustration, etc. skills. There are a few artistic abilities you can pick up, such as painting, designing, illustration, sculpting, makeup, etc.

Reskilling For The Future

Having access to high-quality online education is a key part of helping people prepare their skills for the future and look for new ways to grow in their careers.

The pandemic has accelerated an already quickly changing world in which technology such as AI and robotics continue to upend labor markets and bring about fundamental change. Many people face an unclear future as a result of this.

According to The Future of Jobs Report, the rate of technological change we are currently experiencing will likely continue, if not increase, in several sectors. Along with developments in AI, big businesses appear destined to continue focusing on cloud computing, big data, and e-commerce. Therefore, it's crucial not to limit oneself to just one course. Utilize the internet to your advantage and learn everything you can.