Ophena Safety Stirrups: Equestrian Fashion And Improved Safety

Ophena Safety Stirrups: Equestrian Fashion And Improved Safety

Ophena Safety Stirrups: Equestrian Fashion And Improved Safety

Nowadays, equestrians are more safety conscious than ever. In addition to using helmets and safety vests, riders of all disciplines turn to safety stirrups for increased safety. Today, there are many different kinds of safety stirrups with different features, and when choosing the right stirrups, equestrians need to consider factors that are important and essential for them. 

A Swedish safety stirrup manufacturer, Ophena, has received global attention, thanks to their unique and innovative magnetic safety stirrups that are used by thousands of happy customers. 

But how can Ophena safety stirrups benefit equestrians and how do they differ from other brands?

Equestrian fashion and safety combined

Most manufacturers of safety stirrups only focus on the safety aspect of the product without considering the style and aesthetics. Ophena, however, wanted to create something that was both safe and fashionable. 

All Ophena safety stirrups and saddle pads are created with safety as well as style in mind. The safety stirrups feature a modern and sleek design that catches the eye, no matter if you are riding at home or at the show ring. 

As Ophena received numerous requests about matching saddle pads, it eventually launched Ophena Evolution: a saddle pad made with luxurious materials. Ophena Evolution is the best saddle pad for those who wish to enter the ring with style and comfort: the saddle pad is made with thick and breathable fabric that feels comfortable to the horse and does not slip. In addition, the beautiful colors (midnight blue, white, and black) suit any style, discipline, and rider. The honey-comb saddle pads are topped off with a luxurious cord that runs along the side of the saddle pad.

Don’t sacrifice style for safety

Safety is the most essential aspect for all riders. However, thanks to Ophena, there is no need to sacrifice style. You will be able to enjoy the attention your new safety stirrups and a matching saddle pad bring, while staying safe and enjoying the benefits of increased safety.

All of Ophena’s stirrups are available in silver and black, so they will match beautifully with your Ophena Evolution saddle pad, no matter which color you choose.

Ophena manufactures unique and innovative safety stirrups

From the very beginning, the main goal for Ophena was to create safety stirrups that increase the safety of equestrians and decrease the risk of serious injuries. Together with equestrian professionals, the first Ophena magnetic safety stirrup was created.

Ophena S was the first magnetic safety stirrup in the Ophena product family, and it gained huge popularity. The reason was simple: the safety mechanism is unique and innovative. 

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups are not only magnetic stirrups. In addition to the magnetic connection, the stirrups feature an open design for improved safety, a Smart Attach™-system for easier attachment of stirrups, and a beautiful design that pulls in all the attention in the riding ring. 

As a cherry on top, Ophena magnetic safety stirrups are approved for FEI showjumping.

Ophena S Pro for improved grip

After Ophena S received such excellent reviews from amateurs and professionals alike, Ophena decided to add another product in the product family. Ophena S Pro has the same features as Ophena S magnetic safety stirrups, as well as improved treading for better grip. 

Ophena S Pro is an excellent choice especially for those who ride in rain, sleet, and shine: by combining magnetic grip with a diamond grip made from hardened aerospace-grade aluminum Ophena was able to create improved treading.

Ophena A safety stirrups without the magnets

While Ophena’s magnetic safety stirrups have received huge popularity, they are not ideal for dressage riders who attend horse shows. So, Ophena created a safety stirrup called Ophena A: this stirrup model is suitable for all disciplines because it does not have a magnetic connection. 

Instead, Ophena A features patent-pending technology called The Twister. The outer side of the stirrup is closed off with a silicone piece that anchors in two points and releases in every direction when pressure is applied. Additionally, Ophena A includes integrated dampening that absorbs hard impacts, making it an excellent choice for those who suffer from knee, ankle, and hip pain during a ride.

Ophena safety stirrup benefits

Frankly, Ophena has taken into account more than simply safety: Ophena also provides riders with a more convenient and comfortable ride. Ophena safety stirrups provide, for instance, the following benefits:

  • Increased safety, thanks to the open design and innovative patented and patent-pending technology
  • Decreased chance of a serious injury: the safety mechanism allows the rider’s foot to release easier in case of an accident
  • Customers have reported decreased knee, hip, and ankle pain
  • The magnetic connection keeps the rider’s foot in the correct place, improving the posture, balance, and leg positioning of the rider

Ophena safety stirrups can be ordered exclusively at Ophena.com with a 60-day money-back guarantee.