Join the trend of midi dresses

Join the trend of midi dresses

Join the trend of midi dresses:

If you want to go to the latest, midi dresses should become a must in your wardrobe. In addition to being very easy to combine, they can also get you out of trouble on more than one occasion. But what exactly is meant by a midi dress?

Zip back skirt is those dresses that end below the knees and above the ankles. There are many types, they can be tighter or looser and flared. Its origin dates back to the 1940s when it became popular thanks to actresses like Marilyn Monroe and designers like Christian Dior. As you can see, they are one of the trends that do not go out of style despite the passing of the years.

When to wear a midi dress?

They can be worn in any season. Specifically, for these dates of the year they are perfect since, in addition to covering a large part of our legs, they also stylize our image, all of which are advantages.

In addition, they can be used for both formal and informal occasions, depending on the type of dress, footwear, and jacket with which you accompany them. For example, if you have a formal event you can combine your midi dress with heels, a blazer, a handbag, and elegant accessories, it will be ideal! On the other hand, if you prefer to use it in your day-to-day, it can be combined with sneakers, a denim jacket, or a bomber, they will surely get you out of more than one hurry.

Below we show you some of the midi dresses that you can find in the Bershka and Zara stores in our Center.

If you want advice for this type of look, go to the extremes! You can use a short jacket, or a long one that reaches almost to the bottom of the dress.

A midi dress for every silhouette:

Normally, these types of dresses are tube or fifties type. But, like any garment, there are several types, and knowing which one best suits our figure is essential to be able to get the most out of it.

If your body is shaped like an hourglass, you can use both dress models. Yes indeed - Keep in mind that a very straight one can hide your natural curves and put years on you. On the other hand, rectangle bodies are identified by their straight lines from the shoulders to the hips. If you have this type of body, the ideal would be a tube midi, since you will mark the figure more and show a more balanced body.

On the other hand, if your figure has a circle or apple shape, it is better to opt for a tube dress, but one that is neither too tight nor too bulky. In the latter case, it will accentuate the lines of your body more. If your shoulders and back are wider than your hips, that is, pear-shaped, either type will favor you. In any case, look for one that enhances your hips, so you will get a touch of elegance and femininity.

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'Midi', a new style for skirts and dresses:

The midi length, just below the knees, is one of the most versatile cuts for skirts and dresses. Few garments polarize as much as midi skirts. You love them or you hate them, you find them chic or ugly. The same thing happened in the 1960s when they came onto the market and sought to compete with the miniskirt. Even back then the midi skirt had a reputation for looking sloppy.

'Midi', a new style for skirts and dresses:

But this does not have to be like this. The midi is also synonymous with femininity and well combined it looks super modern. It's worth taking a look.

Stylists agree that the midi length, in skirts and dresses, can be very elegant. In addition, it is a very versatile length. It can be used in office clothes or combined with other accessories for a casual look. In the office, it can be combined with a white blouse and heels. For free time, it looks great with a jacket and a t-shirt.

On parades, these skirts were presented with voluminous tops. However, this combination is more recommended for tall and slim figures. Others can go for contrasts, ie pairing a narrow midi skirt with a boxier top, or a full flared midi skirt with a fitted sweater or t-shirt.

Taking care of harmony:

In the knitwear skirt and top set length, it is important to highlight the waist, especially in the case of shorter women. It is very well to combine this garment with a loose silk blouse tucked only on one side inside the waist.

It is worth being honest with yourself and not joining this trend just because it is fashionable if it does not suit you. This is because midi skirts end just above the calf, which is sometimes the thickest part of the leg. If the hem of the skirt falls there, this means that this area of ​​the body will be highlighted.