Everything You Need to Know About Pakistani Fashion

Everything You Need to Know About Pakistani Fashion

Everything You Need to Know About Pakistani Fashion

Pakistani fashion is known for its traditional style, heavily influenced by Punjabi culture and traditions. However, Pakistani fashion has evolved to become a trendsetter around the world.

Here we've discussed the most critical elements of Pakistani Fashion.

  1. The Shalwar Kameez or Pajama

The most important element of Pakistani fashion is the shalwar kameez or pajama. Men usually wear this garment, but women also wear them in Pakistan. The shalwar kameez comprises trousers wrapped around the legs and then fastened with a belt or sash at the waist. Most women wear the shalwar kameez in two different styles: the full-length style and the ankle-length style. Men's clothing includes pajama pants, shirts, jackets, and coats.

  1. Shemagh (Shemegh)

The shemagh is a traditional scarf many Pakistan and Afghanistan wear. It is usually made out of cotton but can also be made out of silk or other fabrics. The shemagh is typically worn around the head and neck but can also be used as a blanket or pillow. People who wear the shemagh often use it to cover their faces from the sun or rain.

  1. Full-sleeved clothes serve as a shield from the sun

Full-sleeved clothes are a part of Pakistani fashion. Full-sleeved shirts are made of cotton, silk, or polyester. Women usually wear full-sleeved shirts in winter and summer. In summer, they can wear light blouses with short sleeves or long sleeves to cover the arms. In winter, they can wear heavy woolen full-sleeves that are high quality and made from natural fibers like wool and cashmere.


The best thing about full-sleeve shirts is that you can wear them with different types of dresses and kurtas/tunics. You can even go for a casual look by wearing a T-shirt underneath your full-sleeve shirt. It is also possible to combine two different styles together, like going for a classy look by wearing a sharp blouse with a full sleeve shirt and then changing into jeans or leggings when you get home.

  1. Kurta Pajama

A kurta pajama is a popular item of clothing in Pakistan, worn by both men and women. Kurtas are similar to traditional Indian kurta, but they are made from cotton instead of silk or other expensive materials. Most people wear them at home or during the wedding season. The kurta is also known as the 'turban' in North America because it covers your head and neck.

The kurta pajama is traditionally worn by both men and women, although some prefer to wear it alone. It consists of two pieces: a long shirt covering your upper body and a long skirt hanging past your ankle. You can choose between different colors for these two parts of the garment; many different designs are available online. Some people prefer to buy these garments in bulk to easily find one that suits their style best.

The kurta pajama originates in ancient India, where it was worn by kings and warriors. This item of clothing has become very popular among Pakistani natives because it allows them to express their culture through fashion while also protecting their modesty at the same time.

Key Takeaway

Pakistani fashion is truly coming into its own. It's blossoming into a vibrant industry that puts a Pakistani spin on everything from the nation's traditional shalwar kameez to more modern looks like Panjabi. While you may not see the average Pakistani woman sporting international runway fashions, Pakistani designers are quickly putting their stamp on the fashion industry with their own unique styles. There is plenty of room for growth in this budding fashion industry, and every day it seems that another Pakistani fashion designer or model makes her way onto the international stage.