6 Hot Boho-Style Bridesmaid Dress Colours

6 Hot Boho-Style Bridesmaid Dress Colours

6 Hot Boho-Style Bridesmaid Dress Colours


The boho theme has become a classic wedding inspiration. Bridesmaids have witnessed the unreckoned force that the boho theme has on weddings. From one wedding invite to another, there is at least one union that invites them to a boho wedding.


Read on and explore the hot boho bridesmaid dress colours you can wear to stand out even in this classic wedding theme.




The champagne colour, named after the alcoholic beverage, is a pale mixture of yellow and orange with a comforting undertone. The warmth of orange relaxes the intensity of yellow in it. 


Champagne is known as a sophisticated colour. And to bring this sophistication into the wedding, wear the Isla cute chiffon bridesmaid dress. 


This boho-style bridesmaid dress boasts an A-line silhouette that flatters any body shape and type. It also features a spaghetti-strapped neckline ideal for an outdoor wedding.

Dusty Rose 



The dusty rose, which boasts a soft mix of pink and purple hues, exudes nostalgia and timeless elegance. The subtle blue tones of this colour add depth and calmness. 


Evoke timeless elegance and happy feelings of romance with the help of the Eliza A-line chiffon bridesmaid dress. 


With a V-neckline that elongates your neck and a sleeveless sleeve length that allows more movement, this boho-style bridesmaid dress is a great piece.




With the rise of modern wedding practices, such as using boho mismatched bridesmaid dresses, the colour taupe has found popularity. 


Its easy neutrality of being not quite grey but not quite brown makes it a great complementary colour to more vibrant boho bridesmaid dress colours. 


Create a feast of boho mismatched bridesmaid dresses with the Trinity gorgeous off-the-shoulder bridesmaid dress. Its off-the-shoulder neckline allows you to boast your beautiful shoulders and collarbones while still looking elegant.




True to its name, the rust colour is a perfect mixture of orange and dark red-brown hues that resemble iron oxide. Its deep, dark, and rich burnt hues make any bridesmaid dress stand out. 


Make a bold statement on the wedding aisle as you march as a bridesmaid with the Myla sheath-column long bridesmaid dress. Its sheath column silhouette creates a distinctive style.




Reminiscent of the time the lavenders, oranges, pinks and yellows disappear into the dark of night, the dusk is light and whitened lavender. 


If you're looking for the perfect boho style bridesmaid dress that reminds you of the calmness and softness of dusk, you can wear the Adalynn cute pleats chiffon bridesmaid dress.


This boho-style bridesmaid dress comes in a chiffon fabric, which is known for being lightweight, breathable and airy, fitting the descriptions of the comforting dusk colour.

Dusty Sage 


Achieve the earthy vibe of the boho wedding theme with the dusty sage colour. It has the perfect balance between grey and green that offers a relaxing atmosphere to the wedding.

Like taupe, dusty sage is another perfect colour for boho mismatched bridesmaid dresses. You can pair it with a dusty rose.

Complement your bridesmaids with the Lilly halter high-low Bridesmaid Dress that features an asymmetrical silhouette. With a shorter hem in the front and a longer hem in the back, this boho-style bridesmaid dress is also ideal for all-night dancing at the wedding reception.


Even with the influx of unique wedding themes, couples find solace in channelling their imagination with the boho theme. 

Bookmark and visit this list whenever you get invited to a boho-inspired wedding. Wear any of those colours and partner them with your perfect smile and confidence. And find yourself championing the wedding aisle runway.