Your Guide to the All-New Cannabis Chew

Your Guide to the All-New Cannabis Chew

Your Guide to the All-New Cannabis Chew

Source: Cannadips x Snubie 

The CBD and Cannabis market is full of wild products from Hemp-infused drinks, vapes, oils, and edibles. The market continues to expand with new forms of Cannabis-based products, including the revolutionary Cannabis chew. Continue reading this quick, comprehensive guide to understanding this new discreet form.

Cannabis Chew as a Smokeless Tobacco Alternative

If you've ever heard of a tobacco dip, chew, or snuff, Cannabis chew won't be unfamiliar. For those still in the dark, a tobacco dip is a small fiber pouch full of moist, fermented tobacco blends. Unlike smoking, dipping doesn't require you to burn or smoke tobacco. Instead, you place the pouch between your teeth and gums - hence it's also referred to as smokeless tobacco.

Oral tobacco use has a long history in the Americas, moving to Europe after explorers brought the practice back across the Atlantic. Over the years, men have often chosen to use smokeless tobacco as an alternative to smoking.

What is a Cannabis Oral Chew?

First off, it's important to understand that Cannabis is a plant of various species - Marijuana and Hemp. While Marijuana is known for its potent intoxicating effects, Hemp is quite the opposite. This plant contains very little of the main psychoactive compound THC (short for tetrahydrocannabinol) - so little, in fact, that it doesn't cause a high. Instead, Hemp plants contain very high levels of CBD (short for cannabidiol). CBD is a non-intoxicating, non-addictive compound found in supermarkets and health stores worldwide. 

A Cannabis oral chew is a pouch that uses Cannabis plants instead of tobacco. This provides an alternative to help people move away from nicotine. It's a dip evolution. These chews are also known as Cannabis dip, Hemp dip, and Cannabis chew. You can get both THC and CBD varieties, but you must check the laws in your state and country before getting your hands on either of these pouches.

How Does Cannadips Work?

Cannadips is one of the most prevalent brands producing Cannabis dip. With their roots in Humboldt County, California, a famous cannabis-growing region, the crew spent years perfecting this all-new form of dip, ensuring it was top-of-the-line. Cannadips are crafted using coconut fiber, monk fruit, essential oils, and CBD isolate to create a discreet pouch.

Using a Hemp dip pouch is an enjoyable and low-key way to try CBD with a delicious, long-lasting flavor. With no nicotine, tobacco, or THC, CBD dips are perfect for those moving away from traditional dipping, smoking, or simply wanting to try the newest form of CBD. 

Will a Cannabis Chew Get You High?

Cannadips CBD sources its CBD isolate from high-quality American Grown Hemp. CBD dips are free from THC, so they won't cause a high. The guys at Cannadips are firm in their goal to provide high-quality products; that's why every batch is tested and comes with lab reports, available to view online. Consumers can check the reports and trust that their Hemp dip pouch won't cause intoxication.

Do You Spit or Swallow Cannadips?

Chewing tobacco typically involves spitting the tobacco juice out as it is being used, much to many people's dismay. Fortunately, Cannadips are spitless, meaning they are easy to take on the go and use around the family. It's an individual preference if you spit or swallow with Cannadips. However, CBD works best when you allow your saliva to travel down your throat and around your mouth, maximizing the absorption rate.

What Are the Benefits of a Cannabis Chew? 

So, what does CBD dip do? Let's find out.

CBD Might Benefit Your Physical and Mental State

CBD has been around for some time, making its way into nutritional products, topical formulas, and supplements. In many countries, guys are using it to ease physical discomfort, rest better, and even chill out with their buddies. Researchers are still investigating the uses of CBD, but here are some of the possible benefits of a Hemp dip pouch:

  • Ease anxiety symptoms;
  • Soothe aches and discomfort; 
  • Get some much-needed shut-eye;  
  • Chill your mind and body for better relaxation;
  • Ease symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

Alternative to Tobacco Chew 

As we revealed above, a CBD Cannabis chew provides a revolutionary alternative to smokeless tobacco. It supplies the physical sensation of dipping but without the nasty stuff. Cannadips are free from THC, nicotine, and tobacco and don't require the user to spit like a traditional dip. People who struggle with chewing tobacco don't need to quit dipping but simply choose a better variety.

This neat little pouch packs a punch. Each dip contains 10mg of water-dispersible CBD, providing a flavorful distraction from tobacco cravings and potentially reducing nicotine withdrawal symptoms. We're blown away by the potential of CBD; one study even showed dependent smokers abstaining from smoking for longer when they used CBD. 

This is a major pro for Cannadips! Having the potential to help people dependent on tobacco to curb their cravings is legendary.

Highest Bioavailability in the Industry

To understand why a Cannabis oral dip is so unique, you need to understand a little about bioavailability. In short, this means the amount of product that actually makes it into your system. For instance, products like CBD candies and other edibles may have lower bioavailability. CBD is lost as it travels through the digestive system and liver before entering the bloodstream. CBD oils and vapes are among the products with a higher bioavailability because they feature a sublingual delivery system (i.e., doesn't pass through the liver).

Yet, Cannadips is far better. CBD isn't water soluble, so it doesn't absorb well into the body. Thanks to their expert chemists and innovative technology, the guys at Cannadips created water-dispersible CBD - meaning it could mix with liquid or saliva. So far, we don't know how much CBD gets into your system via the mouth compared to the gut. However, some reports reveal that the absorption rate of flake is 90%, whereas CBD oil is about 10-30%. Cannadips take effect almost immediately due to the oral delivery system.

Flavorsome and Discreet Delivery 

For the men who don't want the hassle of spitting with a dip or using Hemp products in front of the family, Cannadips is low-key. With an awesome metal tin to carry your dip, you can be subtle as you grab a pouch on the go.

What makes these pouches so special is their great flavor. With different tastes ranging from Tangy Citrus to American Spice or Mint, the experts behind this formula ensured the taste was long-lasting for maximum enjoyment.

If you're wondering, how long do you keep Cannadips in your mouth? The answer is however long you want. Some dudes leave them for 30 minutes, others longer. If you're still enjoying the flavor of your Hemp dip pouch, there's no good reason to take it out. The longer you leave the dip in (without spitting), the better the CBD absorbs into your system for a welcomed chill.

Final Breakdown

Using a Cannabis chew isn't just for those switching from tobacco dip (although it's a great alternative). It is a revolutionary product in its own right. Cannadips offer rapid-acting CBD, a high-absorption rate, amazing taste, discreet delivery, and are easy to travel with throughout your day! What more do you need from a CBD supplement? There's a reason Cannadips is the leading Cannabis chew brand.