What Cloud Technology Can Do for Small Business

What Cloud Technology Can Do for Small Business

What Cloud Technology Can Do for Small Business

No matter what size, running a business has its ups and downs. It's easy to see how business owners can feel overwhelmed when they need to oversee every aspect of their company. Of course, when you own a small business, that sense of overwhelm can feel a lot more daunting without the resources behind you that larger companies may have.

Still, even if your business size may not be the same as a large corporation, that doesn't mean you can't navigate your company efficiently. With the perks of technology and the internet, small businesses are finding their reach bigger than ever before, and potential growth has never been more accessible than now. Managed IT services are there to help your business whenever you need tech support, because it's ok not to know technology well, and IT consulting services, such as Verticomm can help bridge the gap. IT consultants are professionals who are trained in all things tech-related. They can help with everything from setting up new computers to troubleshooting software issues. Consulting services can be used on an as-needed basis, or you can sign up for a monthly retainer to have someone available whenever you need them. Having IT support on hand can take the stress out of dealing with tech issues, and it can also help to prevent problems before they start. 

So how does a small business compete with the larger competition? A lot comes down to using your tools efficiently. One tool you don't want to miss out on is cloud technology. Here are a few ways your business can benefit from it.

Understanding Cloud Technology

Before you can enjoy the tools of cloud technology, you have to understand what it is and what it can do for your business. One of the greatest perks of cloud technology is the ability to securely access data and save on storage. That comes down to cost savings and easy access to your company's information. Because cloud technology offers secure ways to access data, businesses don't need to invest in on-site resources to manage their information.

There are a wealth of ways to use cloud technology. Whether your business goes all in or has a hybrid cloud, you can find that this technology allows you to keep data secure, improve customer service, and manage the information you need almost anywhere.

Improving Customer Service

Cloud technology opens doors for small businesses that would otherwise be hard to navigate. With this type of tech comes the ability to offer 24/7 customer service, leaving your small business available without you having to work crazy hours.

How does this work? The ability to access information not only locally but globally means you can hire virtually anywhere in any time zone. If you want to boost online sales and have people available for chat or phone, you can hire and give your employees access to exactly what they need through the cloud. Customer support is a big deal for people who choose to buy a product or service. If you can ensure your customers have the support they need, you can bet they will return.

Growth With the Cloud

Your business may start small, but cloud services can help you scale your business to new levels you may not have even thought possible. With cloud access, remote workers become an option you can use, customer support and chat boxes become a reality, and competing globally can be as simple as outsourcing talent.

In short, the cloud is built for business growth. You can decide where you want to take your business and know the option for more is always there if you want to take it.

In-House Cost Savings

Every business deals with data in some way, and much of it needs to be secure. Companies often need to hire a team of specialists to keep their software and programs up to date as well as protected. If customer information gets jeopardized, you can bet that will put a bad name on your company's brand.

The cloud helps reduce costs and amp up security. With cloud accessibility, you no longer need to manage a group of staff to oversee data programs for you. Cloud computing offers subscription-based access to storing everything you need online and securely. Then there's the hardware your business will no longer need. You don't have to purchase additional heavy-duty software and programs on the cloud.

In short, the cloud helps your business stay secure, improve customer service, save costs, and grow.