Taking Control of You 101

Taking Control of You 101

Taking Control of You 101

There are several influences in most people's lives. Some of these are beneficial to your overall health and well-being while others can have a negative effect. The latter is especially true if you allow the negativity to spiral and dictate your day-to-day routines. If you are done feeling beholden to some other force and ready to take control of your own health, consider these ideas first. 

Address Both Mental and Physical Health

You have to begin the journey to making the best decisions for yourself by understanding the link between how you feel when you are alone with your thoughts and how you feel when you are up and moving. There is a definite link between emotional and mental health and physical health. A major step you can take toward strengthening that connection is getting out into a social setting while increasing your activity level at the same time. Consider a local club or sports league where you can meet people while you play. Let your age and current fitness level drive your search. Pickleball is growing in popularity for all ages because it is fun and easy to learn. Once you get started, you can shop around for the best pickleball paddles for beginners so you can play or practice without borrowing equipment.

Treat Your Body Right

Depending on the diet and workout practices you have been following to date, you may need to pause and reboot. Contact a dietician or nutritionist if you are unsure of what foods will work best with your goals. If you have not been eating particularly well, you might want to understand more about how to heal your gut because it has a major impact on how the rest of your network functions. When you get a handle on the microbiome that lives inside you, you can fortify the immune system.  

Research and Read

Sometimes it may seem like everyone has an opinion on the latest trends for looking and feeling good. As you know, not every body is the same and subsequently does not have the same needs. Educate yourself. Pick up literature at the community health center or spend time online studying. Next, apply the findings to your body type or capabilities. It is easier to stick to a plan that you had a part in designing and when you can rationalize each component.

Join a Chat Group

Chances are you are not the only person trying to gain jurisdiction over their body. Rather than reinventing the wheel, allow yourself to benefit from where others have succeeded or failed. Again, your experience might not be the same as the guy next door, but there should be elements that apply to the questions you have. Attend a neighborhood group that is focused on health, both emotional and physical, and see what tips you can pick up. If there is nothing available close by, try the internet for a virtual option.

Bring Along a Friend

Whether it is a case of misery loves company or everything is better with a buddy, attempt to persuade a family member or friend to have a go with you. Having someone to share your thoughts with can help you overcome any obstacles you encounter. In addition, laughter is super effective when it comes to lessening the stress or anxiety you meet. If you both know what you have to gain from taking control, you are more apt to stay the course.

Saying yes and putting yourself first can be a big achievement. You will likely boost your confidence as well as your physique with each little victory.