Taking Care of Yourself in a Body Positive Way

Taking Care of Yourself in a Body Positive Way

Taking Care of Yourself in a Body Positive Way

No two bodies are the same on the outside. Fortunately, the media is starting to represent the natural beauty that can be found in diverse sizes, shapes and hues. It is important to recognize the core you were born with and to take care of the entire package in a body-positive way. Here are five tips to help you do just that.

Find a Plan That Helps You Feel Successful

Consistency is a significant part of achieving the outcomes you want in terms of emotional and physical fitness. It is not healthy to jump from one trendy diet to another. Furthermore, it is equally detrimental to binge on foods that are not fueling your system properly because that may negatively impact your energy levels. Low energy might prevent you from staying active and that can cause unwanted weight gain or increased feelings of depression. Instead, familiarize yourself with what is Thrive and discover a whole health network to meet your needs. Maintaining it will be a reward, not a burden when you are comfortable with your routine.

Do Not Compare Yourself to Others

Regardless of where you begin your journey, you must understand what body type means and why it matters. You cannot change your genetic makeup or the attributes that were given to you by your parents, so you should avoid setting unrealistic expectations when it comes to pounds and inches. That said, you might want to research what your optimal weight is based on your bone structure and metabolism. In addition, you can find cosmetic products that emphasize your best features. There are also online classes and local workshops you can attend to learn specific application pointers. Staying positive is about feeling good, and maybe knowing the latest smokey eye, bronzed eye, or line and define tricks will hit the spot.

Dress For the Body You Have

Although you may love a certain article of clothing, it helps to know what is most flattering for your curves and angles. Determine if your shape is more like an apple, a pear, an hourglass or a rectangle. Next, you can consult a fashion or stylist expert or look for a guide that will help you pick the perfect outfit. Keep in mind that there are no cut-and-dry rules to what you wear.  The goal is to discover what brings you a sense of confidence. Accepting that you look good can be a big part of the process.

Monitor Your Mental Health 

When you are working to love and appreciate who you are, do not overlook your headspace. Be sure to allow for emotional reflections. There is a definite mind and body connection, so neglecting your sensitivities can wear you down and lead to tension or stress.

Keep a Positivity Log

Journaling is a wonderful way to keep track of the happiest parts of your day-to-day. You can purchase a blank book and free-write when you get up in the morning or before you go to bed at night. Record reasons why you laughed and the fun times you had with your friends. Try to concentrate on the moments that filled you with joy or gratitude. Later, if you experience anxiety, you can come back to your thoughts and remind yourself to keep moving forward. There are also prescripted diaries that offer your cues to fill in. For example, you might be prompted to write down one thing you saw during the day that made you smile.

It is okay to work hard and play hard as long as you take pride in your choices and respect the process. When you look in the mirror, see your virtues, not your vices.