Seven things you should do before a road trip

Seven things you should do before a road trip

Seven things you should do before a road trip

A road trip can be an exciting and fun day out. If you plan one during summer, you’ll be able to make the most of the long days and crisp sunlight as well. Whether you’re planning on just visiting a beach a few hours away, or whether you’re going on a tour of northern Scotland, you should always prepare carefully though. Below, we explore seven things you should do before every road trip.

Prep the vehicle

Naturally, prepping your car is crucial. For a start, there are some practical checks. You should inspect your tyres to see if they’re up to the journey. By carrying out a simple penny test, you’ll be able to see if the tyre tread is safe. At the same time, you should get a car air conditioning service to ensure that it’s ready to keep you cool and refreshed on hot days. Finally, you should also check oil levels and engine coolant levels to ensure that your car won’t break down during your trip.

Go to the gas station

Ideally, you’ll have a full tank at the start of your trip. This can help you avoid having to waste time finding fuel during your journey. If you’re going on a long trip, you should plan some stops in advance. 

Plan your route

You should carefully plan your route too. Begin by picking out your destination, or the area you want to explore. From there, you should plan your drive: if you’re making nightly stops, you should pick out some accommodation to stay in on the way.

Rest well

It’s dangerous to drive when you’re tired. Before your road trip, you should ensure you’re well-rested. Try and get your usual sleep before the trip and enjoy a coffee in the morning to wake yourself up fully.

Load suitcases

You should pack well and load up your suitcases and bags in the car. This should include essentials such as medication, food, drink, chargers and clothing.

Emergency equipment

You should pack emergency equipment too. A first aid kit is important if someone on the trip suffers an injury. Meanwhile, hi-vis jackets can come in handy if you break down on a busy road.

Prepare entertainment

Entertainment can be a good idea too – particularly if you’re travelling with children. This can include games for the road, or board games for the evenings once you’ve stopped driving.

A road trip can make for an exciting getaway. As long as you pick a destination you’re keen to explore and follow the guide above, you should be all set to enjoy a thrilling road trip.