Preparing for a hot summer walk in the Lake District

Preparing for a hot summer walk in the Lake District

Preparing for a hot summer walk in the Lake District

The Lake District is a fantastic place to visit at any time of the year, but you wouldn’t be the first to admit that the warmer summer months, when there is a better chance of good weather, make them a fantastic place to explore during the summer months. The stunning scenery with the lakes, mountains, woodlands and incredible waterfalls offers a peaceful backdrop to a great summer holiday. 

Of course, it is particularly important to prepare for any walking that you might be planning on doing, regardless of the weather. The summer is certainly no exception bringing with it its own unique set of challenges.  

Find good accommodation 

At the end of a long hot summer’s walk you will want a great base to return to, and this means making sure you have great accommodation. You may want to check if there is a drying room just in case of summer showers as well. Fortunately, there are plenty of Lake District Hotels to choose from, so it can be a good idea to opt for one that is central to the area you want to do most of your walking. 

Be prepared for the weather

It is important to plan for all types of weather. Even in the summer, the Lake District can be highly changeable. Remember to pack a high factor sun cream; remember, factor 50 will not stop you from tanning; it will simply help to protect you against the harmful UV rays. You may also want a sun block for vulnerable areas like your nose and the tops of your ears. Pack a couple of hats as well to help protect the top of your head. 

Even on the hottest days, it can become quite cold the higher you climb, so consider layers in your rucksack. Avoid any fabrics that take longer to dry, like denim and cotton and instead opt for a couple of key pieces of clothing specifically designed for walking. A good pair of comfortable walking trousers, and there are some that have zip-off legs, can also be a good investment, giving you the best of both worlds.  

Pop a waterproof in your rucksack as well. You may not need it, but it is handy to have one just in case.  

Stay hydrated

When it comes to walking, it is really important to stay hydrated, and the same applies to hot summer days. It is really important to take a couple of bottles of water with you in your rucksack to help with this. Plan some stops along your route to take a break, have a drink and rest. Walking is not a race so enjoy the scenery as you go. If you can plan stops into your route where you might be able to buy a drink, then that’s even better as it will help to keep your liquid supply topped up. 

Take the right “tools”

Don’t assume that you know your route. Remember to pack a compass and a map in case you get lost. You should also charge your phone before heading out. Hot weather can cause health problems, so you might need this if you need to call for help. 

If you are asthmatic or suffer from any other condition that could be exacerbated by the heat, remember to pack some medication just in case.

It is always a good idea to walk with another person. That way, if there are any problems due to the heat, or for any other reason, you will have the help that you need.