How You Can Help Your Man Unleash His Trendy Side

How You Can Help Your Man Unleash His Trendy Side

How You Can Help Your Man Unleash His Trendy Side

For most women, the clothes they'd love to see their men wearing significantly differ from faded jeans and hip-hop pants. 

Men and women may sometimes not approve of their partner's dressing. Often, men pick up their father's dressing style and end up stuck in a generational cycle of poor dressing styles. Without the efforts of girlfriends and wives, many men would still dress like their great-grandfathers. 

However, just like everything else, there is room for improvement. If you are among those who would like to unleash the trendy side of your man, consider the following before you change your partner's entire wardrobe.

1. Get Him the Right Shoes

Many guys don't seem to get it right with shoes. Nothing kills a great ensemble faster than the wrong pair of shoes. The worst offenders are:

  • Sandals.
  • Excessively pointy shoes.
  • Dress shoes with seams.
  • Square-toed dress shoes.

If you man wears any of these, you must do something, fast. Try to steer him to the classics such as wingtips, brogues, Italian oxfords, and several casual men's shoes. A Chelsea boot or a wingtip boot would be ideal for the more adventurous type.

2. Emphasize the Fit

A perfectly fitted pair of jeans and a T-shirt will look better on your man than a poorly tailored suit. Most men have a problem associating being "well-dressed" with their clothes instead of how they wear them. 

For example, David Beckham can rock jeans and a polo shirt and still look trendier than most men; the point is for it to fit well. Excessive fabric kills style. Therefore, to improve your man's style, find a great tailor to make clothes with the right fit.

However, you may face a challenge if your man is muscular. Clothes for men with big muscles require following some unwritten rules to succeed. Choose neutral colors as they do not attract attention and keep away from clothes that add more volume, like puffer coats and knit sweaters. The best options would be tailored suits and slim-fit denim clothing.

3. Focus on the Details

For your man to receive his portion of fashion compliments, steer him towards the finer details. The detail could be in the tie bar, blazer, or suit's pocket square. These are minor details that most people would not notice but will improve a man's appearance to set him apart from the others. 

For instance, collar pins, surgeon's buttons on the cuffs of a suit jacket, pocket squares, and tie bars. Just like women accessorize an outfit to precision, a man's true style is most often in the details. But, for a man, his style needs a little more refinement.

4. Match His Personality instead of Yours

If your man does not like shopping, do not make him. Instead, gift him a shopping item you love and include some nice words. Tell him that when you saw the shirt or pants in the store, you instantly thought of how good he would look in them. Ensure that the clothing item you purchase matches his personality, not yours.

Once in a while, a guy who dresses poorly starts to date a woman living on the fashion spectrum. Soon, this guy turns into a software engineer. However, the essential thing to remember when steering your man towards his trendy side is that he is not a dummy. Take dressing your man as a team effort with you having the fashion know-how and him having a particular personality, so merge the two.

Often, this means meeting the fashion spectrum midway. So, reflect your man's inner personality with his outward style. You will end up with a trendy man who wears his clothes instead of those wearing him.

5. Replace his Old Clothes Gradually

Get rid of some of your man's old clothes gradually. But, before you do this, ensure that you provide alternatives. Most men will not give up their favorite clothes without a fight, meaning you'll have to interfere to help. Use occasions like an annual spring cleaning to go through his wardrobe together, pick out the items that no longer fit and sell at a garage sale, or donate.

6. Give Him a Reason to Dress Up

If you want to change your man's dressing style, it would be reasonable to illustrate how to do it. Invite him to a fancy restaurant for dinner or go to the opera, just the two of you. On these two occasions, you will be required to dress accordingly, and he'll have no option but to discard his T-shirt and casual jeans for something more suitable.