How To Make Healthy Eating Choices on a Cruise

How To Make Healthy Eating Choices on a Cruise

How To Make Healthy Eating Choices on a Cruise

Cruises are synonymous with luxury, even decadence. You're almost ready to embark on your next cruise adventure, but since you've been trying to make healthier food choices lately, you're a little concerned that you might backtrack during your vacation. There are ways, though, that you can make healthy eating choices even while on a cruise. Read on to learn about some of them.

Make a Commitment 

Your first step is to make a firm commitment to healthy eating even during your vacation. Take a little time to remember your weight-loss or maintenance goals, and decide not to spoil them by giving in to temptation. During the cruise, review your commitment daily, perhaps in the morning and whenever there is a highly inviting menu in front of you.

Plan Ahead

Staying on track will also be easier if you plan ahead. Look at menus before your cruise begins so that you know what will be offered. Print out these menus, and mark appropriate choices. If possible, bring along a supply of healthy snacks, and maintain your supplement regimen as well. You might, for instance, pack low-fat granola bars or other treats that can take the edge off your hunger and help you avoid overeating. Supplements like Thrive can keep your energy levels up, and Thrive side effects are minimal or non-existent.

Choose Light Options

When you set sail on your cruise, focus on having fun, but choose light options when it comes to meals. Look for vegetable appetizers, baked entrees in light sauces and fresh fruit desserts. Avoid buttery, rich sauces (as good as they look), red meat (choose poultry or fish instead) and anything fried. Select one meal per day as your heavier meal, and eat lightly at the other two. If you choose your noon dinner as your main meal, then don't load up on breakfast or supper. Breakfast options might include an English muffin with jam and a side of fruit. For supper, try soup or a sandwich, and skip dessert.

Watch Portions

Also, keep an eye on your portion sizes. Ask your waiter how much food is included in a particular dish, and then request half an order if possible. Otherwise, eat only half, and have the rest wrapped up for later. If your cruise offers a buffet for any meals, choose wisely, and take just a small portion. You can always go back for a little more later on, but don't overdo things. You'll probably feel that you need to eat everything on your plate even if you don't want to, so make sure there's only a reasonable amount on your plate.

Limit Drinks

Drinks go down so smoothly and easily that you hardly realize how many calories you're consuming. Therefore, limit your drinks, and choose options that are lower in calories and fat. Order skim milk at breakfast and just a small glass of juice. Skip sugary sodas, and drink water or diet beverages instead. Limit wine, beer or cocktails to one drink per day.

Treat Yourself

Finally, even though you should make healthy eating choices most of the time, don't hesitate to treat yourself once in a while. You might order a decadent dessert once during your cruise although you could share it with someone. On a different day, choose a meal that is one of your favorites but that you wouldn't normally order. Ask for a half portion, and then enjoy every mouthful. You're on vacation, after all, so you should enjoy yourself. Just be reasonable about it, and stick to your commitment for most meals. You'll feel better about your treats that way.

A cruise is an exciting adventure, but it doesn't have to hinder your healthy eating goals. You can still have fun and eat right at the same time.