How To Make Clay Jewelry

How To Make Clay Jewelry

How To Make Clay Jewelry

Did you know that many people start practicing pottery to help themselves become more mindful?

The act of creating pottery can be therapeutic to many, but when you run out of creative inspiration, the task can be daunting.

If you want to enjoy making beautiful creations with clay and put them on display, you should create jewelry. 

Keep reading if you want to learn how to make clay jewelry and find peace with a new hobby! 

Decide on Your Design 

One of the first steps in learning how to make clay jewelry is to decide on what you want to create.

After you start getting comfortable with making designs, it will be easier to work with different types of jewelry. Earrings, bracelets, and necklace pendants are popular options people make. You can also create rings and ear cuffs with clay, you'll just have to find a custom mold. 

Think about why you are making the jewelry and come up with a plan to get started. If you can't find a mold that you want online or at the store, you can get creative and use items around the house. 

Gather Materials 

If you look at any clay jewelry guide, you will notice that clay and a good workspace are essential. 

You can purchase the clay in any color or paint the jewelry before it gets baked. Don't get discouraged if you don't own a ceramic kiln to harden your jewelry, you can use your oven! Metal tools and art casting molds can help you make detailed designs and consistent cuts.

It's important to gather all the materials you need ahead of time to prevent your molds from getting damaged in delay. Since the process can get a little messy, keep some towels and water nearby. 

Prep the Clay

A common mistake beginners make when creating jewelry is they forget to prep the clay. 

Fortunately, you don't need a potter's wheel to design jewelry like you would a clay mug. You can purchase the clay and begin rolling it to create a solid base for your designs. Make sure the thickness of the clay is consistent, you can use a rolling pin or rounded object to get the right shape. 

If you have uneven spots in your design, they will heat at different rates and could become brittle. Use a needle to pop air bubbles and smooth the clay with your finger to ensure it has a smooth texture. 

Use Your Molds 

Once the clay is ready, you can add it to your mold to create your base. 

Many people recommend using molds when you are making clay jewelry so the pieces are consistent. If you need inspiration for your molds, has great choices to view. A simple mold can become an intricate design with enough creativity. 

Silicone molds are the easiest to work with since they are flexible and maintain their shape. Plastic molds are more difficult to clean and can crack if you use them too many times. 

Create Your Design

The most exciting part about creating clay jewelry is making the design.

After you get the foundation for your design, you can select bright colors and conceptualize patterns. 

If you want to add clay details, roll a small piece of clay into a ball and thin it out with a flat piece of glass or plastic. You can shape these clay strings and create dots to start building your custom design.

Rolling out the clay will give you more options, it's best to roll out all of your colors in advance so that you can design without interruption. 

You may have to create your clay design over the jewelry fixtures to help them adhere to the metal. If you want to add a beautiful touch, gold petals can make your jewelry sparkle. 

Round the Edges & Clean 

When you are satisfied with your jewelry design, you need to round the edges so that don't chip. 

Use your finger or a rounded tip to smooth the edges. You should wipe off any excess clay and make sure the shapes are exactly how you want them. As long as your clay doesn't bake, should still have the chance to manipulate the design to get it just right. 

You'll also have to repeat these steps after you add the fixtures or put a hole in the clay. 

Pierce Your Holes & Add Fixtures 

Whether you are making earrings or a necklace pendant, you need to make sure it can latch.

If you are making a bracelet or necklace, you must add a hole for the string. The hole should be centered and far enough away from the edge so it doesn't break. 

Creating clay earrings involves adding them to the metal fixtures. You typically do this step after the clay has been baked. You can adhere the clay to them with glue. 

Bake & Add Fixtures 

You'll want to bake the jewelry at a low temperature for about 20 minutes.

The baking process helps harden the clay and preserve your unique design. 

You might need to use a pair of needles to hold and secure the jewelry with the metal fixtures. Many people use jewelry glue or super glue to adhere the clay to the metal. Make sure you only use a small amount since the glue can spread and ruin the appearance. 

Do You Know How to Make Clay Jewelry?

Learning how to make clay jewelry doesn't take long, you just need some inspiration.

Think of a unique design or start creating one as you make the jewelry. You want to make sure that the clay is prepped so air bubbles and uneven textures don't make the jewelry vulnerable. 

Don't be afraid to get creative and try something no one has done.

If you want to learn more about DIY projects and the latest fashion trends, check out our blog for more info!