Green Fashion, Inclusive Fashion– Where is Fashion moving?

Green Fashion, Inclusive Fashion– Where is Fashion moving?

Green Fashion, Inclusive Fashion– Where is Fashion moving?

Are you a feminist? Or a Human Rights Activist? Do you like to don custom hoodies with logo to convey your support for a meaningful cause? That's what Fashion is all about. Fashion, a term everyone is familiar with– has been a harbinger of change. Whenever a change occurs in society, it quickly captures the moment and blends it into the most comprehensive fabric humans can feel, touch, and see.

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Hello and welcome to our show! Fashion- a global and all-encompassing subject, has always promoted diversity by creating personalised clothing. That means "Nobody owns fashion"; it is for everyone. You all make it, and you all are part of it. It doesn't discriminate against anyone based on colour, gender, class, sexuality, or ethnicity. Fashion trends are continuously changing, and current trends vote for inclusive Fashion.

But, Can Fashion Really Bring Diversity To The Ramp?

A big YES! Diversity and Inclusivity– are two buzzwords sweeping all the limelight in the fashion world. When the debates and discussions around supply chain, human rights, labor laws, and acceptance begin, this industry finds a place here and there. As you know, green Fashion has been in the limelight since climate activists asked for more positive action from governments. The same goes for people who use Fashion as a protest against their totalitarian governments. Fashion is clothes; fortunately, humans don clothes most of the time. Haha!

Yeah, 'human-thing'! So, How Is Fashion Catering To These New Demands?

Well, today, industry and society are interconnected. For example, a political shift in Bangladesh can amplify the supply chain crisis in the fashion world. The labor laws in major cities can heighten the tensions between workers and retail stores. So, nothing is alienated from change. If there is a demand for Inclusivity in society, Fashion will have to adapt too. Lately, there have been shows about neurodiversity, and designers did a fantastic job. Their simple effort allowed everyone to be heard, seen, and represented. That's the power of change and how it influences our daily decisions.

Indeed, it's a powerful change. So, do you mean Fashion Is Capable of becoming Neurodiverse or embracing diversity?

To this question, you need to unfurl a few history pages. History proves social, political, cultural, environmental, and economic factors shape the world. And Like other sectors, the clothing and apparel sector has changed significantly but at a much more incredible pace. It all began as a glitzy sphere when Coco Chanel ascended to the throne and advocated for women's rights and equality. Since then, Fashion has become dynamic and democratic– for people, by people.

Amazing! However, what do you think about the future of Fashion? Is it inclusive and diverse?

Honestly, Fashion has become a competitive and diverse industry. It is constantly trying to catch up to future demands; whether it's catering to neurodivergent people or climate activists– it knows where to focus. Plus, Consumers search for brands they can relate to, a brand that accepts them. If clothing can advance a change and give voice to the voiceless, then that's what we need. 

You talked about neurodiversity and inclusive Fashion. How many people are aware of it?

Probably very few! Some designers said–When they ask people about autism, most people are unaware. Being unaware is not an issue, but the problem begins when they equate autism with mental illness that needs fixing. So, awareness is definitely needed, and Fashion can do an excellent job here. For example, when you wear a neurodivergent T-shirt, a process to initiate a conversation about autism begins. A small step and a changed world is here.

Humankind needs to value these small steps. Thanks for giving us your valuable time and sharing your knowledge about diversity and Inclusivity. Let's promote diversity and inclusion gifts and boost this movement.

Okay! It's time to say goodbye to our readers. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this conversation. Hope to see you next time!