Chic Ways To Wear Diamond Jewellery With Any Outfit

Chic Ways To Wear Diamond Jewellery With Any Outfit

Diamond jewellery sales are at an all-time high as more people are buying bling to treat themselves. In the UK, consumers reportedly spent £6.55 billion on jewellery and watches, with one-fifth of UK shoppers buying gold and diamond jewellery as often as 1-2 times between 2020 and 2021. Experts say that having to spend so much time at home, as well as wanting to wear jewellery for virtual meetings, may have contributed to this uptick in diamond jewellery sales.

Now that everything is starting to slowly revert back to the way things were, people are excited to show off their newly acquired accessories as they head to work, attend important events, and go on their normal errands. Having a wide variety of diamond jewellery can be good a way to add some sparkle and shine to your look. But just like clothing, you need to style your jewellery and match it to whatever you're wearing to look classy and put together. Here are some tips on how to wear diamond jewellery with any outfit.

Keep it Simple and Understated for Work

Wearing diamond jewellery at work can make you look chic and elegant, but it's important to know a few simple rules before laying on the bling. First, if you have yet to build a starter collection, it's important to be more knowledgeable about diamond jewellery. Tim Ingle, co-founder and director of Ingle & Rhode says, "Do your research! It's a big purchase and there is a lot to consider before you take the plunge - from natural vs lab-grown, to size and shape, and all the various quality considerations, including the colour, clarity and cut." To start with, you can get classic pieces that will mesh well with your work attire, such as a pair of 1 carat diamond earrings and a matching solitaire diamond ring. These two items will make you feel more empowered every time you wear them, and it's a good way to draw attention to your face and hands when you're at a meeting or doing a presentation.

You can also add other pieces such as a small diamond brooch, a diamond pendant necklace, or a dainty gold chain bracelet with a few small diamonds atop the chain. However, keep it to three pieces at a time, and don't wear anything too showy or jewellery that will create noise or distraction, such as dangling earrings or charm bracelets. Meanwhile, if you're planning to wear larger diamond pieces near your face, such as 3-carat diamond earrings or diamond hoops, keep your makeup clean and minimal to appear professional at work.

Layer with Non-Precious Pieces to Keep it Casual

Athleisure wear or casual wear can be spiced up with some diamond jewellery. When styling diamond pieces for everyday wear, consider mixing it with other non-precious jewellery for a cool and effortless look. For instance, if you're wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, wear diamond stud earrings and a diamond tennis bracelet on one arm. Then, layer the bracelet with braided leather, fabric, and ceramic bracelets. If you're wearing a diamond solitaire ring, wear two stacking rings on the same finger, then balance everything out by wearing a few casual rings on your other hand. You can also layer a diamond solitaire necklace with two other fine necklaces with colourful pendants to give your casual look a fun twist.

Opt for Quality, Not Quantity for Formal Events

When it comes to formal events, most people think that it's okay to wear all of their most elaborate diamond jewellery at the same time. However, doing so can give people the impression that you're trying too hard to impress others, and while wearing too much jewellery isn't likely to offend anyone, it can be embarrassing if everyone's constantly staring or gawking at you throughout the night. To look classy, pair one or two statement pieces with your formal attire.

For instance, if you're wearing a formal pantsuit, a gorgeous pair of pink or yellow diamond drop earrings, plus a matching cocktail ring looks impressive enough. Meanwhile, a strapless black cocktail dress or gown can be enhanced with a diamond and precious stone-encrusted choker or bib necklace. Going for one or two quality diamond pieces instead of piling on the bling can make you look stunning without going overboard.

Wearing diamond jewellery can add some elegance and interest to any outfit. Consider these tips to wear diamond jewellery and look chic and classy everytime.