Casual Suit Outfits for Men

Casual suits can still make a man look smart and polished. However, many men don't know how to pull them off stylishly.

Have no worries, as these five modern casual suit outfits we're about to present will help any man achieve an attractive appearance!

Key Elements of a Casual Suit

Wearing casual suits allows room to experiment and change things. But keep the key elements in mind to pull off a casual suit outfit. 

First, the casual suit is essentially the antithesis of the business suit and is all about elegance and comfort.

Always aim for the proper structure, which is soft shoulders. Not the stiff shoulders we can find on double-breasted or business suits. Stick to single-breasted jackets, flap or patch pockets, and notch lapels.

Also, the suit fabrics are fundamental and should be linen, cotton, or some lighter wool materials. These materials create a better drape and give a more relaxed feel to these outfits.

For instance, you can't wear a tuxedo casually. Hence, it is too formal and corresponds with a more formal dress code spectrum.

Avoid Wearing Dress Shirts with Casual Suit Outfits

It's possible to look too formal if you wear a plain dress shirt with a casual suit. Instead, stick to t-shirts made of cotton or linen. These will have a collarless look and be versatile enough to be worn with various outfits. 

A knit polo shirt can also be an excellent go-to option for something less dressed up. Of course, let's not forget about denim shirts as well.

Another viable option is a playful floral button-up shirt. A fantastic idea for outdoor summer weddings. Play with styles and experiment with bolder colors and patterns to inject some life into the outfits.

Casual Suit Outfits Footwear

Casual attire doesn't necessarily mean sacrificing style. However, achieving a sleek look with the right footwear is inevitable. 

Think sandals, sneakers, and boots - anything that's comfortable and will pair well with any outfit. For example, if going for a laid-back look, go for sandals. 

Quite often, we see fashion trends move to a more relaxed style. Therefore, sneakers are also great for pairing with casual suits! With black, navy, and charcoal suits, black sneakers look their sharpest. 

Likewise, tan, blue, or light gray suits go well with white shoes. Yet, when matched with a casual suit, certain kinds of footwear with bright colors and intricate patterns may not seem appropriate.

Let's not forget about moccasins, boat shoes, driving shoes, and loafers. They all go well with casual suit outfits and express a tinge of easy-going feel.

One of the current fashion trends that many people are talking about is matching Hey Dude shoes with a suit. However, this trend has challenged the traditional concepts of matching clothing when it is said that suits only go with Western shoes. A basic and necessary piece of practically every man's wardrobe is the suit. You can transform your favourite outfit into a more sophisticated and casual outfit by pairing them with Hey Dude men shoes.

How to Wear a Casual Suit for Men: 5 Outfit Ideas

A good way of constructing casual suit outfits is a mix of styles. It's never a bad idea to experiment and test out different combinations.

Even if you're not replicating the same outfits as we suggest, at least we give some viable ideas to start with.

Wear a Casual Suit with Sneakers

And, of course, sneakers are the perfect footwear to wear with plenty of outfits! It exudes casual sophistication to wear a navy suit casually with a white crew-neck t-shirt. 

To keep the style contemporary, add a pair of white and blue sports sneakers to the equation. 

Wear a Casual Suit with Jeans

When it comes to suits, the sky is the limit - so take the chance to go for something different. 

Easily add some casual elegance by wearing a dark green suit jacket with blue jeans. Adding a pair of sports sneakers in black and white can spruce up the look. 

Style a Casual Suit with Polo or T-Shirt

Casual days call for some comfortable style! A polo or T-shirt is a great way to inject fun and mellow vibes into the outfits of modern men. 

Try pairing a brown suit jacket with white chinos for an effortlessly fashionable appearance.

Opt for dark brown suede oxford shoes to put in a little extra effort with the footwear. Nevertheless, they still express relaxed vibes.

Match a Casual Suit with Turtleneck

Pair a charcoal checkered suit with a grey turtleneck to take the unique style to new heights.

The best method to give the outfits a dash of elegant nonchalance is a pair of hip white and black leather low-top sneakers. 

Wear a Casual Suit with a Cardigan

The casual dressing doesn't have to be boring! A cardigan can add intricacy to any outfit. 

It's painless to add a touch of macho elegance to your wardrobe by wearing a blue suit with a violet cardigan.

Monks in black leather really make this look come together. For the colder months, a long woolen coat is always a wise choice.