A guide to finding the right bra for your body type

A guide to finding the right bra for your body type

A guide to finding the right bra for your body type

Depending on who you ask, bra shopping is either a fun and rewarding way to spend an afternoon with your friends, or one of the most tedious, frustrating, and emotionally draining things you can do in your spare time. 

It makes sense why so many of us despise buying new bras. After all, it’s the garment every woman immediately removes the second they set foot in the house after a long day! But why are so many of us still finding discomfort in our bras, when body positivity is at its cultural peak and brands around the world are finally catering to bodies of all shapes and sizes? 

Never underestimate the importance of a good solid band

With womens bras, try and think of the band as the real hero of your fitting journey. While cups may get most of the hype and limelight, it’s your band that’s putting in the hard work to hold up your bust and keep your cups where they need to be in order to fully support your breasts. 

In fact, the strapless bra is a testament to how important it is for cups and bands to work in tandem. For strongly defined breasts that look even and aid posture, never underestimate a good band!

Do you have two breasts that are different sizes? No problem!

First of all, it’s very common for women to have two differently sized breasts, so you’re certainly not alone here! Even celebrities can face this (even though it might not always look like it!). We came across this celebrity bra size list and thought it was interesting to learn what sizes some of our favorite celebs actually are! Secondly, it’s not as hard as you think to find a comfortable way of accommodating and supporting both breasts. 

If there’s a significant difference in size, always try to fit up to the larger breast, and never the smaller one. It’s far easier to adjust your bra or add some padding to a larger bra than having to work with removing padding to help fit into a smaller one.

The perfect band size should hug you - not crush you!

Many of us associate loose fits with a better fit, as we inevitably feel a tighter fit more. But the truth is that loose-fitting bras are doing you no good either. So, how do you determine what the perfect band size is going to be then?

Try to place a finger between your back and the strap itself. Aim for around an inch of stretch room. For the ultimate band fit, you can also begin by wearing the bra on the loosest possible hook. As this wears over time, and the fabric stretches more, you can simply adjust to the tighter hooks to get optimum comfort and grip!

Slipping straps are a sign of ill-fitting cups

A poorly fitted or mismeasured cup size can cause a lot of discomfort over the next few months after buying it. If you find the straps are constantly doing this, it’s time to reassess your cup size. Likewise, if your center on the front of the bra isn’t dead flat against the middle of your bare chest, your cups aren’t quite as well-fitted as you thought previously.