6 Things To Consider When Planning Your Wedding

6 Things To Consider When Planning Your Wedding

6 Things To Consider When Planning Your Wedding

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Planning a wedding can be daunting and give you sleepless nights. Many couples hire wedding planners to help them put together the perfect wedding. However, they ensure that they are involved in planning the most special day in their lives. 

Capturing special moments is the most important thing to keep for the rest of your life.Therefore, hire a professional photographer according to your preference, and services you desire to avail.

On the contrary, if you like a more hands-on approach and prefer that you do everything yourself with your partner, you can talk to your friends and family. You can ask them what worked for them and didn’t, and take references from them.

In either of the abovementioned scenarios, you must keep the following things in mind while planning a wedding. 

  • Make A List

Weddings bring a plethora of things to do, decisions to make, and deadlines to meet. It can quickly get overwhelming, especially when you have your every day responsibilities to top the stress of planning the wedding. 

Hence, making a list helps you stay organized, and you have a checklist that you can go through. This way, you don’t miss any item on the list and have a timeline and trajectory in mind for everything. 

You can make a list for everything, from possible venues to available vendors. While venues may be easy to pinpoint, finding the right vendor can be difficult, especially if you plan to get married in an exotic place like Bali. 

If you are looking for a vendor in Bali, you can search for Bali wedding vendors on google, and you’ll see many credible results. You can take a quote from them, explore their portfolios and services and see which vendor works for you. 

  • Draft A Budget

Drafting a budget is very important when you are planning a wedding. It helps define the limitations you need to keep in mind while making decisions about your big day. As of 2022, it will cost you an average of $27,000 for a wedding in the U.S. so it should be one of the first things you do once you and your partner decide to marry.

If you plan on taking a loan from friends and family to cover the wedding expenses, then talk to them, and see what they are willing to lend you. If you are using your finances to pay for the wedding, then analyze your savings properly. If needed, talk to an expert too.

We recommend talking to wedding planners or vendors as they help you estimate the overall expense of the wedding. It will help you get a better grip on budgeting. Once you’ve budgeted and discussed it with your partner, stick to the amount. Do not waver from it. When it comes to your wedding day transportation, a range of affordable and luxurious wedding car rentals in Leeds allows you to stay within your budget while still making a grand entrance.

  • Choose A Venue

After deciding the budget and date of the wedding, the next step is venue hunting. 

To choose the best venue, you must decide whether you want an intimate wedding or a full-blown grand affair. You also need to keep in mind the logistics and accommodation of the guests. Moreover, see whether the weather of the place you’ve chosen aligns with what you had planned for your big day. 

You and your partner need to sit down and talk about these things. They may seem insignificant, but in reality, they have the greatest importance. Talk to different venue owners and let them know what you envision for your special day; they’ll be able to offer valuable insight, as they have hosted several weddings at their property. Choose the best as per your preference after consultation.

  • Determine Wedding Aesthetic

We all have a specific aesthetic in mind whenever we think about our wedding. You probably have given a thought to it too. There are so many themes and aesthetics to choose from. You could go for a beach wedding, a bohemian wedding, an indoor wedding, a modern wedding, a rustic wedding, or a seasonal wedding. 

Every wedding is usually centered around a specific theme of colors and décor. Some venues come with standard décor, while others have a more DIY setting. You can personalize your big day by adding small things that mean a lot to you. 

Remember, whichever theme you choose for the wedding should complement your wedding venue and be within your budget.

  • Deciding the Menu

Now that you've decided on all the big things let's get down to the menu.

Deciding on what you'll be serving at the wedding can be challenging. You must keep your guests in mind while choosing your menu. See how many are meat lovers, vegans, pescatarians, etc. 

You need to see whether the venue you chose offers food and if they don't, do they recommend any caterers? Does your family or friends have any caterers that they can recommend? Do your research and talk to the references that your family or friends provide.  

Whether your venue offers a banquet service or you hire a caterer for the event, you'll still have to plan a menu. Talk to the chefs and ensure taste testing before you decide on any menu items. 

  • Check The Playlist

You need to hire a band or a DJ for the wedding. They are important for a good ambiance. Music adds depth to the event and helps run it smoothly. After hiring someone to play music on your big day, you need to go through the playlist they’ve designed for it. 

You need to prepare a list of songs if you want to be in charge of what is blaring through the speakers and communicate it to the people responsible for playing music for the wedding. 

If there are any songs you don’t want playing at your wedding, you need to tell the DJ or band that too. Remember, double checking and communication are key. 

Bottom Line

It is your wedding, and you can decide how it will go. Things will go wrong more times than they’ll go right. You will feel overwhelmed. During this time, remember to communicate with the people responsible for making the arrangements for your wedding and ask for help if needed. Your friends and family will love to lend a hand to make your day special; you just need to take a breather, stop overthinking and ask them.