Trendy Jewelry Designs You Can Rock Everyday

Trendy Jewelry Designs You Can Rock Everyday

Trendy Jewelry Designs You Can Rock Everyday

Looking for that finishing touch to complete your overall look? Whether it is those formal black-tie dinners, reporting to a work meeting, or a casual brunch with your friends, a small piece of jewelry can go a long way to transform your style and make you more impactful. 

And if you are looking for some everyday staple pieces, we say the ongoing trends are all about minimalism mixed with something with a strong personality. But, if you are stuck or confused about what to choose, this article is dedicated to that. Read on to explore the current jewelry trends perfect for every day. 

Evil Eye Necklace

We bet you must have noticed some small businesses selling trendy evil eye pieces on your feed. And, in addition to being exotic, there's actually a strong meaning behind this one. 

Jaded with stunning stones and available with a cute, thin chain, evil eye necklace is a fashion statement. But, most people wear them as a symbol of protection. Historically speaking, an evil eye is known to protect you from evil and ward off evil if it has been directed at you. And, that's not that. Different colored evil eyes have different meanings. For instance, the blue color acts like a good luck charm, while an orange color helps you connect with your playful or creative side. 

Regardless, you can find evil eye jewelry in almost every form, including necklaces, bracelets, rings and even earrings. 


Want to look chic and polished every day? Why not go for hoops? Or, more precisely, thin, gold-plated hoops. While they were fashion icons back in the 90s, we say they are up for a comeback. 

Thin gold hoops are perfect for a casual look. Inspired by minimalistic accents and a chic look, these hoops go perfect with almost every outfit and are actually quite comfortable. 

And, if you go for gold hoops, we bet you would never find yourself complaining about skin infection. In short, they are easy to wear, trendy and perfect for an everyday casual look. 

Initial Necklaces

How about adding a minimalistic chain with an initial pendant to your vanity? They are sleek, thin, pretty and extremely comfortable to wear, even during the sweaty summers. 

Moreover, if you want to keep things under a budget, you could go for anti-tarnish pieces that won't lose their charm even after everyday use. However, if you want something extra sleek and long-lasting, you could go for silver or even platinum necklaces with initial pendants. 

The silver would go exactly well with all outfits and won't act as an extra, making it a perfect option for cozy dates or lounging around with your friends. 

Diamond Studs

A piece of jewelry isn't always about making you look good, but it's about making you feel confident. And, what's more confident than carrying tiny chunks of diamonds in your ears? 

In addition to being extremely comfortable and perfect for everyday wear, these studs are quite classy, making you look impactful every time you enter the room. 

We agree that diamond studs can be a little expensive, but a minimalistic design with a single piece of diamond is worth investing in for. 

Stacking Rings

From 18k gold to rose gold plated or sterling silver, stacking rings come in a variety of sizes and designs. You can even get your bundle customized. Moreover, if you want something with a strong character, how about adding an evil eye ring to that bundle? 

Mostly, these stacking rings are comfortable to wear for every day and go exactly well with all outfits, especially those chic looks. 

The Takeaway

In addition to the pieces stated above, there are a million other designs you can try for everyday use. The point here is to go for jewelry that makes you feel confident and comfortable. And, while you are at it, make sure to wear something sentimental too. It could be either your mom's favorite necklace or something chic gifted by your loved one