How to Travel With a Cat Litter Box?

How to Travel With a Cat Litter Box?

How to Travel With a Cat Litter Box?

A journey with your little feline can either be like a stroll in a park or a literal nightmare. Cats have anxiety and they find it tough to travel outside. Hence, taking their litter box scoop is a good choice.

Cats even want some privacy while they go for their bathroom business. Some cats don't even know how to carry out their bathroom business out in the open, they need their litter boxes at any cost. 

As a cat owner, you might like to give your furry friend all the comfort that it aspires for. So, here are some tips for smooth travel with a cat and its litter box. 

The Importance of a Cat’s Litter Box

We are living in a period when traveling has become so easy and quick. Many people go on vacations in their cars and they tend to take everyone along, even their pets. 

If you plan a trip with your little furry friend then you must make plans beforehand. A cat often feels uneasy when it goes outside of its comfort zone. 

So, to ensure that your cat feels sound and secure you should start the preparations beforehand. You should consider taking the litter box with you. 

You are responsible to ensure that the cat feels good and its litter is scooped out of the litter box daily. Make sure that the litter box does not stink. 

You should carry the perfect litter box every time you go out for a trip because many cats are not taught to do their bathroom business outside and hence they are addicted to litter boxes. 

Many cats are shy and feel anxious while traveling so, keeping a litter box will ensure that they have a place, all to themselves where no one will disturb them. 

Tips on How to Travel With a Cat Litter Box 

These are some of the most efficient tips that you, as a cat owner should follow since it is your responsibility to make your cat feel good and secure. 

  • Using Portable Litter Boxes 

Before you decide to go for the big trip, you should make sure that you go for portable litter boxes. It is because the usual litter boxes aren’t made for traveling due to their heavy nature. 

Additionally, traditional boxes don't fold up easily and aren't suitable for carrying on a trip. Hence, using a portable litter box will prove to be more effective. 

You can go for a disposable litter box if you wish to toss out the litter box once your cat is done with it.  

You can even go for self cleaning litter boxes. These boxes clean up on their own when they are full. These boxes are easy to use and carry. 

  • Do Not Feed Your Cat for At Least a Few Hours Before The Trip

Cats shouldn't be fed with food or any kind of beverages for four hours before they start to travel. Many veterinarians agree on this point. 

Not allowing your cats to eat and drink before you begin traveling will minimize the number of times your cat uses the litter box. It also reduces the chances of your cat suffering from motion sickness.

Although, you should make it a priority to carry with you an ample amount of food and water if you are planning to go for a long journey. 

  • Keep Pee Pads With You For the Cat’s Carrier

Don’t forget to fetch some pee pads for your little feline. These pee pads will save the material of the carrier in case of any emergency. 

During a trip, these pee pads are very easy to use and change. They can be changed multiple times. Hence, you won’t have to clean the waste from the litter box. 

You can even carry sprays with you that will help you to eliminate the odour that comes from a cat's litter box. Often, litter boxes are full of stains that become permanent after a while. 

You can use a spray for such stains, however, the spray should contain bio-enzymes which will help to clean up the litter box completely. 

  • Pay a visit to the Vet Regularly

Most veterinarians recommend that you should ensure that your cat is doing good and is healthy before you take your furry friend for a road trip. 

If your cat has anxiety then you should take a vet's proper advice before going on a trip. The vet might even prescribe some medicines for your cat which will help it to get rid of its worries. 

  • Stick To Their Constant Litter Brand

Road trips are more stressful for the little felines than they are for you. The cats are not accustomed to noise, and changes in their environment and all of this happening together frightens them. 

The best way to comfort and make your cat feel secure is by keeping all their familiar things in their vicinity. Hence, try to use the same litter box. 

If you change the litter box, there is a possibility that the cat might not even use the new litter box. So, always consider changing your cat's litter box. 


Cats get anxious at the sight of a stranger hence, taking them for a long trip can be too much for them. To keep them at peace you should keep them in their litter boxes. If you plan your trip systematically, your cat will stay happy throughout the journey.