How to select a wedding photographer?

How to select a wedding photographer?

How to select a wedding photographer?

We all know wedding decisions are not easy, selecting a good photographer is a task in itself. So here are some tips that would help you select a photographer who can capture your dream wedding photographs. 

Photographer's style should match your style-  

 It is really important what kind of photographs you want. What is your preference? Do you want candid photographs?Or do you want something like a documentary? Do you like black and white photography, high contrast photographs or low exposure or maybe anything else? You have to be clear in your mind first. You can search about different styles and then make a final choice.When you know what you want, it gets a lot easier and also gives you a clear direction.

What's your budget- 

After you know what kind of style you want the photographs to have, then think about the budget. It is better to have a tentative budget in your mind beforehand. How much money do you want to spend on the photographer? Finalize someone who fits both your style and budget. Ask someone who has previously hired photographers and knows different photographers. 

Shortlist and check their portfolio-

After finalising the budget, start looking for wedding photographers in Adelaide, avoid checking out their social media accounts, because most of the time only the best work is posted on social media.  Prepare a list of at least 4-5 photographers, so that if one photographer might not be ready , you have a backup. You must also check their professional portfolio and look at their previous work and skills. 

Book a meeting-

After you've had a word with the photographer, make sure you meet them personally, so that you can communicate well about exactly what all you want. While meeting the photographer, request for an album they have made, this will make you clear about their work. Ask every single doubt you have before making an agreement. Make a list of questions such as, Do they use drones? Do they have a travel fee? Or any other doubt you might have. It is extremely important that a photographer has a professional attitude, while meeting them you'll get to know how patient they are.

 Communicate - 

This is very Crucial. Tell the service of wedding photography in Sydney everything you want, and communicate with them about what you're looking for. While doing this, the photographer will have a clear image of what he/she will have to do. If you don't communicate your ideas, they might not be able to capture the true essence of what you want. You should tell them how many photographers are required, how many functions you have, if videography is included or not. Tell them every single detail. Talking to the photographer sets a vibe, it will make you comfortable on your wedding day.


If you're going for a destination wedding away from your city/ country, make sure you hire someone who knows about the place well. This will benefit you a lot. As someone. You have to be extra careful while looking for a photographer that is not from your area. 

Follow these steps to hire your dream wedding photographer and get the dreamiest photographs of your special day.