How to choose sweatpants?

How to choose sweatpants?

How to choose sweatpants?

If a thing wants to have a good result, it must be fully prepared. What is the most important thing for doing sports? It is "comfortable" to choose the sports equipment that suits you, which often makes the exercise get twice the result with half the effort. Similarly, gym sweatpants are very important for fitness. Choosing a suitable gym sweatpants can make you devote yourself to the exercise, thus achieving a good effect.

Today, let's talk about how to choose gym sweatpants for different sports.

  1. Yoga

When many girls do yoga, it's ok to just wear sportswear casually. In fact, this way of wearing is incorrect. There are many stretching movements in yoga, and the most important thing in clothing is elasticity and sweat absorption. On this basis, the choice of tops is mainly implicit, the neckline should not be too wide, and the clothes should not be too close to the skin, so as to prevent unsightly accidents when making large movements. For the bottom, it is best to choose loose and elastic sweatpants, leggings or capri made by special seamless gym leggings factories.

In addition, it is suggested that girls students prepare a big towel when practicing yoga. If you think the yoga mat is too thin, you can put a towel on the yoga mat to increase its softness. And when you sweat a lot, it's easy to pick it up and wipe your sweat.

  1. Pedal exercise

Stepping exercises are not very picky about clothing requirements. When doing treadmill exercise, it is best to wear sports short-sleeved T-shirts or short-sleeved jackets with better sweat absorption and perspiration functions. Next, it is recommended to wear sweatpants containing lycra. The length of pants is not particularly important, but pants are a good choice. The fabric of pants must be made of lycra fabric, so that your limbs can stretch freely.

  1. Fight exercises

There is a large amount of activity in boxing, and there are many quick punches and kicks. Therefore, it is required that the limbs can be fully extended and quickly extended and retracted. It is recommended to wear a sports Bra, a tight half vest or a sleeveless T-shirt when contacting the fighting exercises, so that the upper arm can move better. It is also recommended to wear pants with elastic fabric. The length of pants should be above the knee, which will not constrain the movements of the legs.

  1. Spinning bike

When practicing a spinning bike, it is recommended to choose a sleeveless halter top that perspires quickly, which is convenient for exercise and won't disturb your carefree rhythm by sweat stains. For the bottom dress, you must wear sweatpants with length and knee joint, narrow trouser legs and elasticity. Because the trouser legs are too wide, it is easy to scratch the parts near the pedal of the bicycle, which is not beautiful to ride and easy to get hurt. In addition, it is recommended to wear fingerless gloves, which can play an anti-slip role when your palms sweat, and protect you from being injured by hand slip in the fast pace of spinning. At the same time, gloves avoid the direct contact between the palm and the handle of the car, and won't make your delicate hands rough due to friction.

You should choose different fitness clothes for different sports. Only by choosing the right ones can you achieve good fitness results. However, Xiaobian here advises people who like to keep fit to make a reasonable training plan according to their physical condition, step by step, and don't rush for success. Before doing exercise, you should do some stretching exercises to avoid muscle strain.