Five Tips To Make Organizing for a Move a Lot Easier

Five Tips To Make Organizing for a Move a Lot Easier

Moving can be a huge pain if you’re not prepared. Packing up all of your goods and trying to keep them in an organized manner is difficult, but you can simplify the process a lot if you follow a couple of our organization tips to make things easier during the move.

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1. Put together an essentials box

When moving, there’s a good chance that you’re going to be exhausted by the time everything has been moved. Digging through all of your boxes in that condition is going to be difficult, so we suggest putting together an essentials box or bag that contains everything you need to spend a few nights in your new place. This could include toiletries, towels, clothes, and other necessary items.

2. Get some colored labels to organize your boxes

It’ll help a lot if you’re able to color your boxes before you start putting things in them. We suggest a couple of colored stickers, but you could also just get some markers and draw something on the boxes to signify what they are. If you do this, it’ll help to also have some kind of notebook or notepad that describes what each color is. Red could be for clothes, blue could be for electronics, and green could be for decor items.

3. Rent a storage area if you think you’ll need a lot of extra floor space

One of the biggest issues with moving is that you need to empty out your storage areas and then start organizing all of your belongings. This is easier said than done because it requires a considerable amount of floor space to do this. As such, you might find it easier to rent out a storage area. You can just pack up all of the things you’re not sure about, put them in a warehouse, and then organize things there. You can separate things into piles of what you need to keep, what would be nice to keep, and the things that you could just sell because you no longer need them.

4. Get ready to sell or donate things that you don’t need

Instead of just throwing away things you don’t need, why not consider selling or donating them? If you have a lot of time to prepare for your move then you could list things on marketplaces such as eBay. The alternative is that you donate them to some kind of charity shop, but you could also consider setting up a garage sale.

5. Make a checklist of important tasks

Lastly, make sure you have a checklist of important moving tasks, especially when it comes to packing things up. For instance, the checklist might have things on it such as “clean out the upstairs cupboards” or “pack away all of our antiques”. It might seem obvious, but it really helps to keep your move organized.

We hope that this moving advice has given you some helpful advice for the future. We know that moving can be quite a long and arduous process, but there are certainly a couple of ways to make things smoother and easier.