Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Halos

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Halos

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Halos

Asking your other half to become your lifetime partner is a big moment. This is the reason why diamond rings are always the first choice. When it comes to wedding rings, halo engagement rings look the best. 

Halo engagement rings have become very popular because of their gorgeous sparkle and radiant look. The halo ring setting is a popular option because of its vintage-inspired romantic look. 

What is Halo Engagement Ring?

Halo engagement rings feature a big diamond with small accent diamonds encircling. These are loved for their glamor and radiance besides the full sparkle.

Halo rings are available in various diamond shapes and in an array of precious metals like white gold, rose gold, and gold.

What to Think About When Choosing the Halo Style?

Halo rings come in various styles, so here are some important things to consider when buying yourself halo engagement rings.

  • The Centre Stone

The center diamond is available in various shapes like princess cut; round is the classic. You can also pick from cushion, pear, marquise, round, and oval diamonds. It's up to your liking what shape you prefer. 

  • Number of Halos

I bet you didn't know that there can be more than one halo in your diamond. A double halo is two accent rows circling the stones and so on. Each row gives an illusion of the bigger diamond. More rows mean more bling.

  • Shank

Shank in a halo diamond ring helps to add some feel and style to your ring. The thickness and shape of the shank will also add up to the aesthetic of the ring. For more bling, look for more shank in your diamond.

  • Flush or Floating

There are two types of halo settings- floating and flush. A flush halo setting is where the center stone has a halo. In the floating halo, the center stone is kept above the halo with prongs. This creates some space between the center stone and the halo. 

  • Prong or Bezel

Another great design element is the bezel or prong style setting. Prongs are small metal claws that keep the stone in the center position. Bezel style is a metal band that sits between the halo and center. 

Make sure to check all the styles and designs and pick something based on your preferences. 

Now let's take a look at the pros and cons of the halo engagement ring style.

Pros and Cons of a Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Pros of a Halo Setting

  • Enhances the diamond ring look even for the smaller diamond carat stone.
  • Adds sparkle all around the stone. 
  • Keeps the diamond stone protected and secure in the center. 
  • Adds interest and beauty to different diamond shapes.

Cons of a Halo Setting

  • Tiy stones surrounding can be lost or become loose. 
  • Getting a halo diamond ring resized is difficult.
  • If the stone is raised above, it can get stuck on clothes and break the ring.


This is all we have in store for you about halos. If you are searching for a new diamond ring, you should check out the halos. These are romantic, beautiful, and eye-catching, which makes the carat look bigger than it is. If you love shine, bling, and sparkle, then halo rings are perfect for you.