Are You a Stylish Woman?

Are You a Stylish Woman?

Are You a Stylish Woman? 

Style is an ever-changing term, and is impacted by our lifestyle, social circle and current fashion market. Many people often ask, what does it actually mean to be stylish? 

A recent study by women’s top specialists Damart found that style requires you to acquire a timeless – in fact 20% of people interviewed said that a timeless look is the most important when it comes to being stylish. When it comes to designer items – the good news is that only 4% of us think that wearing designer items gives them more style, so there is no reason to break the bank to purchase any items as they won’t make you necessarily look more fashionable! Being comfortable in your own skin and having self-confidence was also rated highly in contributing factors to style. 

Being confident

Being confident appears to be an important factor in being stylish – but also being comfortable in your own skin can help you feel happier in all aspects of life. How do we actually become more confident though?

Have some alone time to reflect – Having some time to do some self care and reflect on your life up until now is a great way to reassure yourself and be proud of any accomplishments that you have made. 

Meditate – Even when you feel as though you have everything in life – sometimes it can feel as though something is missing. Taking time to meditate can help you figure out what the missing link is, and how to be yourself. Meditating can help to live in the present moment, increasing your happiness and mental health.

Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable – Being comfortable in what you are wearing can do wonders for your confidence, and make you want to show everyone your great new outfit or figure if it is something flattering. Why not treat yourself to some new tops for the summer – that you can enjoy wearing. And remember: style has nothing to do with age! You can be stylish at any age, or that’s what 29% of Brits believe according to the Damart study.

Stay away from social media and its toxic culture – For some social media can be a great place, to show pictures of family or pets to friends and family. However, for the majority social media can have a negative impact on our mental health, as you only see the best parts of everyone’s lives – you never see how people truly live but that can be difficult to remember sometimes! Try to limit your use of certain apps that you find triggering, and spend some time outside or reading to fill your new found spare time!

Spend time with people who really appreciate you- Not only will this do wonders for your confidence, it is important to make an effort with people that you love and care about, even if this is just stopping buy for a cup of tea once a week. Time spent with loved ones is time well spent!