A Nashville Esthetician Shares Tips For Your First Time Waxing Experience

A Nashville Esthetician Shares Tips For Your First Time Waxing Experience

A Nashville Esthetician Shares Tips For Your First Time Waxing Experience

The market for hair removal products and services continues to grow as this area of beauty treatment remains popular for many. The revenue for this sector was over $4 billion pre-pandemic and dipped somewhat in 2020 and 2021. The UK hair removal market dropped by around 7% as social restrictions stopped people from travelling and closed beauty salons temporarily.

Now though, summer is here and many men and women are seeking ways to look their best. Waxing is one of the most popular treatments at any point of the year, but especially before a vacation is taken.

However, the bikini area is a sensitive spot, and many first-time visitors to a waxing salon may have some concerns. One esthetician from over the pond in Nashville outlines some tips for making your first waxing experience go smoothly. No pun intended.

How popular is waxing in 2022?

While it is true that the women who invented the Brazilian wax hail from the land of samba, the technique was formulated in New York in the early nineties. Since then, millions of people have experienced a successful waxing treatment.

 In the states alone over 6 million individuals had multiple waxing sessions in 2020. One rising trend that is notable, is men are also enjoying the benefits of Brazilian wax treatments now. Some salons are reporting an uptick in males asking for hair removal by wax. Some estheticians say as many as 20% of their clients are male now.

What preparations for waxing do estheticians recommend?

The Nashville estheticians, AuthenticBrazilianWax.co have several tips laid out to help people have a better waxing experience.

Below you can see some advice on helping to create a more enjoyable first appointment. These tips will also help you and your esthetician to achieve better results.

Choosing your esthetician or salon

The first thing you should check is how experienced your waxer is and whether they are fully licensed. There are different licenses and examinations for estheticians and waxing depending on the region you are in. Be aware of what licensing is needed in your country or state, and ask to see that your esthetician has these qualifications.

You should rely on your instincts too when choosing a waxing salon. Do you feel comfortable with the esthetician you are meeting? Is the salon clean and professional looking? Do they specialise in certain areas such as Brazilian waxes?

When should you go for a wax?

Knowing when to go for a waxing session is very important for obtaining good results. Some experts will recommend that you don’t get waxed during that time of the month. This is because your skin will be highly sensitive during your period.

Hair length is a major factor in when you should get a wax. If your hair is less than 1/4 inch or over 1/2 an inch, then you may have problems with the treatment. Very short hair means the wax will have problems adhering. While long hair can lead to discomfort, and ingrown hairs if they break. 

How can you help your waxing session to go smoothly?

If you are considering a waxing session then you probably want to acquire flawless skin. One of the secrets to coming out of a Brazilian wax treatment with super smooth skin is exfoliation. 

Gentle exfoliation will help your waxing experience to be more comfortable, and you will have better results. To prepare for this try and exfoliate 2 or 3 days before you are planning to go to the salon. Do not irritate the skin with harsh exfoliates though or you may suffer discomfort during the waxing.

Hygiene is important, and a shower is essential before your waxing treatment. Relaxing is also a key point. A warm bath can help to soften the skin and to help you chill the night before your first visit.

Do you need to consider aftercare?

One of the major concerns about the first visit to a waxing salon is the pain. Many people worry that having a Brazilian or other wax treatment will be painful. The first time is generally the worst although many people find it more uncomfortable than painful.

The tips above can help for a more relaxed session, but there are some things to consider for after-care also. 

To make sure that your skin can swiftly recover with no problems, you should take a few precautions for the first couple of days. 

Avoid any type of irritation. This can mean wearing looser clothes and natural materials. Don’t exfoliate for at least two or three days. Avoid scratching and heat. This means no exercise, saunas, or sunbathing for a few days, and no hot baths. Keep your showers and baths just warm.

These tips will help to avoid ingrown hairs and let any soreness or bumps disappear quickly.


There are many hair removal treatments, and there are often arguments regarding waxing vs laser, or shaving vs waxing. Hair removal through waxing has many advantages.

Waxing is cheaper than laser hair removal, and it is long-lasting and less irritating than shaving. However, many first-timers have worries about pain and how to prepare.

If you look after your skin, make sure your hair length is appropriate, and choose a good esthetician, your waxing experience should give you the results you seek and without any significant discomfort.