9 Top Travel Tips for Adventurous Vapers

9 Top Travel Tips for Adventurous Vapers

9 Top Travel Tips for Adventurous Vapers

No travel adventure is complete without a vape. Whether sightseeing clifftops or strolling beaches, a vape device can improve any experience.

Trip-goers often consider vape devices a necessity, and that’s for plenty of reasons. Relaxation, stress relief, or just pure enjoyment make up only a tiny part. 

Knowing a few tips about vaping can do wonders if you have a severe wanderlust or are prepping for an upcoming trip. You should know when it’s advisable to vape and what cleaning rituals to practice to keep your vape device safe and clean. 

Continue below to find out all tips on vaping abroad!

Pack Extra Parts 

Nothing is more frustrating than bringing your vape pen and noticing that you’re out of battery. You won’t get to enjoy much of your journey if you’re worried about missing vape parts. If you want to be safe, ensure you have plenty of extra pieces for the ride. 

It’s even worse if your device breaks and leaves you stranded without the much-needed satisfaction of a puff. Therefore, always bring a backup device. 

The best advice is to carry additional vape equipment like coils or batteries. Another fantastic solution is to bring a power bank charger for the road. 

Think About Disposables 

Since no vaping while traveling is out of the question, you should consider investing in disposables vapes. They are very affordable, versatile, and run out after 100 puffs. 

Similar to vape pens in kits, the disposable is very small. That means you can easily place the disposable in a bag of every size and conceal it if necessary. You will also be relieved of the cleaning part, as these vapes are disposed of when finished. 

Research Your Destination 

If you plan to travel with your vape, you must research your destination’s customs. Some countries have outright banned such products

Since these prohibition laws often change, it’s vital to stay informed. For example, some countries let you purchase vapes and use them wherever, while others permit vaping only in private areas. In addition, some Airbnb private homes allow vaping, while major hotel chains have vaping banned.

In specific cases, you’ll only be able to use vapes without nicotine. Usually, this is a rule in places where you cannot smoke cigarettes, either.

Bring Exciting E-Flavors 

No travel experience is complete without amazing e-liquids. Traveling, you would also want to experience new tastes and vape juices. 

Make sure to complete a shopping spree before taking off. Since not every place you travel to will have your favorite e-liquid, pack some of your favorite flavors, plus ones you haven’t tried before. 

Once you’re at your destination, you may explore some local businesses that sell e-flavors. Who knows, you may find something you don’t have at home!

Make Your Vape Gear is Travel-Friendly 

Being on the road can turn bumpy, permanently ruining your vape gear. If you plan to travel via bus or car, ensure your vape devices are appropriately packed and protected. 

You likely already have a case for your vape pen, so you should take it with you. Waterproof pouches will do if you don’t have a store-bought case for your vapes. 

If you pack spare parts, ensure the coils and supplies are separate from your other belongings. This way, you’ll prevent any spills and avoid destroying the belongings in your suitcase. Also, don’t forget to wrap it with something soft to ease the fall if your luggage gets damaged or lost. 

Charge Your Device in Advance 

If you want to vape carelessly while on the road, make sure your vape device is charged and ready. Don’t leave your home without a full battery; always refill your tanks. 

You might not be allowed to charge the vape while onboard or take it out of your luggage. For that reason, turning off or disconnecting the whole device while air traveling is also advisable. Always check in with the airport rules and regulations to know what you’ll face.

Explore E-Cigarette-Friendly Cafes  

If you’re stuck at your destination without power, or any e-liquid leftovers, make sure to visit local coffee shops. 

Cafes or coffee shops outside the US usually allow vaping, and you might encounter new exciting products and flavors to try out. That includes tropical flavors, spicy vape juices, pens of different designs, etc. 

You might also find a place to recharge your vape and buy new batteries. If the destination is exotic, and you see a few tourists enjoying smokes or vapes inside, the cafe will indeed offer what you seek!

Pay Attention to Altitude Changes

If you’re boarding a flight with your favorite vape gear, empty the pods; otherwise, the changes in altitude may cause damage. And if you use pre-filled tanks, ensure you’ve packed them well so they don’t leak. 

Leave THC and CBD Liquids Behind

THC and CBD are illegal in some states and numerous parts of the world. Of course, you can always check the legality of these items before embarking on your journey. However, for example, you may still encounter problems bringing them on a plane.


Above we shared top advice for travel enthusiasts who love their vapes as much as traveling! For an optimal travel experience, research your destination, pack properly, and always follow customs. If you abide by the rules, your journey will be much more enjoyable!