5 Teeny-Tiny Tactics That Will Transform Your Looks!

5 Teeny-Tiny Tactics That Will Transform Your Looks!

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If you want to change your appearance, you might think that you need to completely makeover who you are. The reality is that sometimes it's about the subtle things that can change your appearance for the better. There's an abundance of small tricks and habits that can make a big difference, so let's show you exactly what you can do.

Wear More Colour

A lot of us tend to stick to the same types of colours, but if you really want to change your appearance, colour is an incredibly fun way to do it. You can start to incorporate certain colours in very subtle ways. For example, if you're not keen on completely overhauling your wardrobe with swathes of colour, you can do it in small ways, like a scarf or changing the colour of your watch strap. When you start to think about the right colours, it's about trusting your instincts.

Whiten Your Teeth

Whitening your teeth is incredibly surprising because it can make people seem more attractive because white teeth make people seem healthier. White teeth are something that we're all after anyway, and you can use at-home treatments, a professional service, or just start using whitening toothpaste. You don't have to be completely gleaming, just having a natural shade that goes with the colours you wear can make a big difference.

Wearing Sunscreen 

Don’t just think about how you look now, but in the long run too! If you have been making the most of the summer weather you've got to ensure that you are wearing good quality sunscreen. 90% of skin ageing comes from the sun, so if you start to wear sunscreen on a daily basis, it’s going to make sure that you are looking younger for longer.

Cutting Back on Alcohol

It’s something that everybody doesn't want to hear, especially during the summer months, but the fact is that no matter the time of year, you've got to have a healthy relationship with alcohol. Alcohol will dehydrate your skin, which makes your complexion appear more worn. You need to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume during the week so you can improve your appearance. And when you do drink, make sure that it is balanced out with adequate hydration. Being hydrated is so important. You may think that you've got to drink litres of water to stay hydrated, but there are amazing hydration calculators online that you can check out.

Stand Up Straight

This is especially true if you are hunched over your screen all day. When we are hunched over, we can damage our posture. Having good posture is going to help us feel more confident.

Sometimes we think that when we're trying to improve our looks, it's about buying gifts for ourselves that are those “magic bullets.” The reality is that if you really want to transform your look in little ways, there are an abundance of little methods out there that will do a lot for you now and in the long run.