Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

It is no secret that a great sex life is important to a relationship. It is fair to say that many relationships were founded on having fireworks in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, garden and anywhere that you feel you can get away with it.

Sadly, over time, sex lives change. Often this is not the quality but quantity. This can be hard to deal with especially for men who, according to Sydney escorts, said that they need sex as much as women need emotional stability. Most agree that these women are on to something.

There are several reasons that sex lives don’t maintain momentum. Consider:

  • A change in life circumstances – New child, children coming back to live at home, a change of jobs, accident or illness... Anything that impedes or changes your time tends to change how often one partner puts their feet behind their ears.
  • A sign that the relationship is going off the rails – If the frequency of making love lessens and there are no obvious reasons, then this could be a sign that one person’s feelings are changing.
  • Body confidence – One partner could start having doubts about their body and this can impact sex lives accordingly.

This lack of action has resulted in escorts being used to fill the gap. There are a few reasons why escorts are the go to for sex.

  • Discretion – Escorts are discreet. There is no real danger of kiss and tell.
  • No falling in love – It is easier to have sex with an escort than to cultivate an affair. The latter can get messy especially if there are feelings that start to get involved. With an escort, you know you are there for sex and/or companionship, something that you are not getting at home. You pay, you have fun. It is a very clean arrangement free of emotional attachments if so desired.
  • Respect for your partner – If you have an affair, you may feel terrible that you are truly betraying your partner. When hiring escort services, the lack of emotional attachment to satisfy a physical need is easier to live with and shows greater respect for your partner. However, there needs to be a conversation prior to engaging with professional regarding the boundaries of a couple, if sex without feelings is allowed escorts are the answer. Otherwise it could still be counted as an affair.
  • Safe – As mentioned you’ll find escorts will practice safe sex so you won’t have to explain to your partner while she’s got to go to the doctor.

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Tips for a Better Sex Life

It is no secret that we all want to be regarded as being fantastic in bed. You could travel anywhere in the world and man or woman, we all want to be regarded as a fantastic lover. So how can this be achieved?

  • Your Partner Finds You Attractive – It is always worth bearing in mind that although you may not feel like you’re beautiful or handsome, your partner still wants you. Escorts tend to agree that to get yourself in the mood you need to feel sexy, so wearing lingerie and makeup is a great first step to feeling sexy. This works for men as well as women, as even a guy who has lost a bit of confidence is going to be willing to go for it if he sees you wearing all the gear.
  • Shake up the Routine – Another tip escorts give is to shake up the routine. If you have kids, get a babysitter but get them for the afternoon. Go to a hotel and bang each other senseless or whatever you want to do. If you’re not keen on a hotel, go for it hammer and tongs in a different room.
  • Technology – If your partner is at work don’t be afraid to message saying, “I need to see you tonight” with no emojis or exclamation marks. This puts the idea in their mind and the chances are you will be banging before the day is out!

Sex is a wonderful thing and if you can sustain a great sex life as the years go by, your relationship will keep the magic and last the test of time.

If you can’t, there are always escorts!