AirBnB Hidden Gems

AirBnB Hidden Gems

AirBnB Hidden Gems

There are many unique spots to visit around the world. Each one has its own set of attractions, ranging from stunning beaches to lush jungles. There are a variety of intriguing Airbnbs available, including luxury treehouses, stargazing bubble domes and historic saloons. You want to uncover all the great Airbnb homes no matter what experience you are looking for. Here is a look into some of the most impressive homes for your stay away.

Geodesic Dome With a Hot Tub

This small gem in the countryside can accommodate two guests for $129 per night and is located in rural Northumberland. You have your own wood-fired hot tub, fire pit, deck, and pond, and it is quite private.

It is off the grid and has containers for water, batteries for power and yet it offers a one-of-a-kind experience that reconnects us to your origins. Avoiding gadgets and the internet for a few days, you may get away from the city life and can get back to nature.

Small properties like this one are an excellent opportunity for a first time home buyer. You get a little piece of paradise to visit when you choose, but you can make money.

Cozy Lodge on the Welsh Countryside

This charming tiny cottage in England costs $84 per night and sleeps up to two people. You will have the apartment to yourself, including a full bathroom, television, landline kitchen and wifi, although it is in a spotty region.

With a hot tub on the premises, the owners will let you use it for an additional $20 a day. There are many sites to explore and local shops to visit, and the hosts will have groceries ready for you if you request them.

Countryside Lodge With a Hot Tub

This is a guesthouse in Maidstone's countryside that costs $142 a night. It comes highly recommended by Airbnb, and you have full access to the entire property. It sleeps two people, has a television, skylight, kitchenette and comes with cable.

Although you are alone in the region, you can explore neighboring shops, taverns or enjoy a lovely walk along one of the trails. It has a distinct design that will provide you with a break from your daily routine.

Lodge on the Lake

This lodge can accommodate two guests and is located on a lake in Cardiff's countryside. You get direct access to the water, wifi, a grill, a microwave, and a full bathroom for $135 per night.
Although it is not as secluded as some of the others on this list, it is the ideal halfway house for someone who wants to be close to local shops and pubs.

Woodland Cabin for Couples

For $93 a night, you can stay in this little home in the English countryside of Diggle. It can accommodate up to three people and is located in the hills above the town below. There are other villages nearby, and the house has a grill, microwave, television and complete bath.

It is located on 30 acres of land owned by the host, and guests have access to everything except the private garden. They are welcome to wander around the woods and even pet the horses and sheep that live on the farm. You spend your days walking the trails and your soul will feel restored at the end.

Lime Lodge

The Lime Lodge is located in Shropshire, England, and costs $129 per night. The lodge has three bedrooms, including bunk beds, and can accommodate up to six visitors.

It comes with a kitchen, hot tub, washing and dryer, and three bathrooms, and guests can bring dogs with them. Although you will be surrounded by trees, there is enough to do in the surrounding region if you bring your children.

Rural Sheppards Hut

This hut, located in Buxton, costs $90 per stay there. It has wifi, firepit, modern bathroom, grill and microwave.

It is situated on one acre of property and is surrounded by friendly animals such as deer, lambs, chickens and sheep. It provides a sense of farm life in a clean and private hut, and the surrounding area is full with interesting sites to see.

Manor House With Views

This house can accommodate 15 guests at a time if you need a place to stay with a larger group. For a single night, it costs around $84 per person, and you can book as many rooms as you want. Although the hosts live on the premises, guests will have exclusive access to the upper floors.

For an additional cost, you can use the kitchen, and the proprietors will prepare breakfast and a three-course meal or lunch at your discretion. The property is historic, and the grounds are lovely, making it an ideal location for a visit in England.

There are many different beautiful places to visit and stay around the world. Look into staying at one of these places on your next trip away. No matter the choice, you are guaranteed to have a memorable time.