Where To Go During Your Summer Break

Where To Go During Your Summer Break

Where To Go During Your Summer Break

Are you ready for summer but aren't ready for where to go? Keep reading for some ideas on places to spend the next few months of your life.


One of the best places to go during your summer break is back home. You may need to do this if you live in the dorms since most colleges kick students out. But you can go home even if you don't have to so that you can see your family.

This is a great option if you need to find a job and make some money to help pay for school. Of course, you can also use the money to start paying back your student loans. Even a bit of extra money to pay off your loans may help save you more money on interest later.

2. Extended Family

Perhaps you have some extended family members who live in different cities. You can use your summer break as an excuse to go visit your cousins, grandparents, or aunts and uncles. Of course, you can stay in one city the whole summer or tour around to visit people.

This can be a nice option if you want to find a job but can't find anything in your hometown. Also, your parents may not be around much to make going home worth it. But you might have grandparents who have retired, so you can spend more time with them.

3. Other College Towns

If you're still friends with people from high school, visit them in their college towns. This is also a good option if you still have friends from college but they've transferred or you have. You can go to the school where your friends attend and explore the city.

This is a great option if your friend will stay in their college town over the summer. They may have an extra room or a couch that you can sleep on so that you don't have to get a hotel.

4. Possible Grad Schools

The summer before your senior year, consider visiting potential graduate schools. You can go to the cities where the campuses are to see the schools and surrounding areas. Now, you may not get to see the campus at its busiest.

However, you can get an idea of if you like the campus and the city overall. You can also look for potential apartments to see how close to campus you could live. Then, you may be able to narrow your list of schools for when you need to apply in the fall.

5. An Internship Location

You may also want to get an internship over the summer so that you can gain experience. Some internships pay, which can also help you save money for the upcoming year. The summer allows you to intern in places far from your college town.

That's nice if you go to school far from a big city since you can move to the city for a few months. An internship can look great on your resume for when you want to apply for jobs in the future.

6. Nearby Towns

You can also visit towns near your college or home. This is a great way to travel and see different places since you can take a road trip. Road trips are much cheaper than flying or even taking the train, and you can explore a lot of different cities.

Of course, you can spend the entire summer on a road trip. That's nice if you want to travel a bit farther from your location. Or you can condense your trip to a week or two and use the rest to work or take summer classes.


Summer break is the perfect time to relax from a busy year of college. But you should consider where you'll spend the next few months so that you have a plan.