What’s Involved in At Home Physical Care?

What’s Involved in At Home Physical Care?

What’s Involved in At Home Physical Care?

At-home physical therapy (AHPT) is a type of home care that involves visits from a physical therapist or other healthcare professional to help you recover after an injury, illness, surgery, or other condition. Physical therapists work with patients in their own homes and make their assessments and give advice in the home environment.

A PT also evaluates the severity of an injury and what kind of activities a patient can do again safely. Physical therapists treat injuries and conditions by helping injured or ill individuals regain both mobility and strength. 

Again, this usually means working with a patient at home after they’ve recovered from an original injury or condition. In some cases a PT may recommend you see a doctor first for tests or treatments before they schedule at home physical care and therapy. 

How At-Home Physical Therapy Care Works

After reviewing your medical history and needs, a physical therapist (PT) will  explain their treatment plan to you and answer any question. They’ll assess your abilities to move and perform everyday activities such as walking, bathing, and eating. Therefore, before the first session, you and your therapist will go over the treatment plan and goals.

They’ll also evaluate the severity of your injury or condition. During your therapy, your PT will recommend exercises and chart your progress.You’ll continue this process until you feel better, or the injury or condition heals or the pain subsides.

What to Expect in an At Home Physical Therapy Program

At home physical therapy or AHPT is used to help patients recover from injuries or conditions such as sprains, strains, back pain, and joint pain. Physical therapists may also use AHPT to help relieve chronic pain or help patients recover from surgery. 

Choose a Healthier Treatment Option

Prescription pain medications can lead to addiction, feeling sick, and possibly an overdose. Therefore, physical therapists offer non-invasive treatments to help patients recover more quickly and safely.

Physical therapy is a healthier option with respect to pain management, as pain medications, such as opioids and similar drugs, also have unwanted side effects. Although you can manage these side effects, AHPT offers a better opportunity to heal when it is combined with any required drug therapy.

For instance, taking certain drugs for pain can lead to digestive disturbances, which can be alleviated through exercise. Also, some patients may feel drowsy or their thinking may become clouded if their doctor increases their medicine’s dosage. 

Make an Appointment to Start Receiving AHPT Today

To recover successfully or improve your quality of life, you need to follow a holistic approach for managing pain. That is why choosing an AHPT provider that offers this option is a wise  move to make. If you want to feel better mentally  and physically, AHPT can provide you with what you need to lead a healthier and higher quality life.