The Right Aesthetic Packaging for Each Generation

The Right Aesthetic Packaging for Each Generation

The Right Aesthetic Packaging for Each Generation

 When thinking of the packaging design of your products, it can be easy to incline more on the functionality – sustainable materials, easy to open, resealable, and the like. However, the aesthetic appeal of your packaging design equally matters. Consumers are drawn to packaging that is aesthetically appealing to their lifestyles. Moreover, how your products are packaged can be the deciding factor in choosing your products or opting for your competition. That is why paying attention to color, shape, texture, pattern, visual weight and other visuals is very critical in designing the packaging for your products. However, it is important to keep in mind that what appeals to one generation is likely not appealing to another generation. Understanding the right aesthetic package for your target generation can go a long way in maximizing results. That being said, here are 5 generations and the considerations that you need to make in creating packaging that is aesthetically appealing to each one of them. 

Baby Boomers 

Born between the mid-40s and mid-60s, baby boomers have seen a lot and experienced many changes over the years. They are likely to have found their favorite products and intend to remain loyal to the brands. If you are to appeal to them with your aesthetic packaging, loyalty, trust, and consistency are the language to speak. They also appreciate clear and reliable information. These individuals are rarely likely to go find information on your website, so they want all their questions answered and explained on the label. In addition, baby boomers are keener on their lifestyle. They are focused on leading healthy and energetic lifestyles. Going bold and bright on graphics and colors on your packaging emphasizes this kind of lifestyle.


The millennial generation spends most of their time on social media, so they are used to bright and bold colors. A combination of such colors is likely to appeal to them. Additionally, millennials are more inclined to create connections with people and businesses. They also want to feel prestigious and exclusive to brands. You are likely to capture their eye by using packaging that tells a story that speaks to them. If you are in the cannabis industry, millennials are reportedly the highest consumers of cannabis products. Using a cannabis packaging company to convey different messages that resonate with this generation is a sure way to attract them to your products. Additionally, keep in mind that this generation is used to instant gratification. Customizing your package in a way that they find information quickly is important.

 Generation X

This generation is sandwiched between the older baby boomers and the younger millennials. For this reason, they are likely to borrow behaviors and preferences from the two generations. Older Gen Xers are likely to incline to what baby boomers prefer, while their younger counterparts are likely to have millennials tendencies. For these reasons, you find that individuals in the Generation X group have brand loyalty like baby boomers and also prefer creating connections with the brands that they like. Thus, a combination of authentic and personalized packaging is highly likely to appeal to them. Use images and texts to provide answers and tell stories that resonate with them. Additionally, keep things fresh and modern with bright and bold colors.

Generation Z

This generation cares deeply about the environment. Sustainable packaging is what they are after the most. However, what is on the outside of the packaging still informs their decision to purchase. Gen Zs are known for their quest for honesty and transparency. The truth matters to them and that is what your aesthetic packaging should seek to provide. A good example is the RX Bars that have taken transparency to the next level with their packaging. They list every ingredient clearly with large fonts on each bar to show what customers will find inside as well as what they won’t.

Generation Alpha 

You might think that this generation might be too young to identify with brands, but their millennial parents have already formed identities with brands. These kids are likely to adopt the preferences of their parents. Moreover, parents are concerned about the safety of their kids, which makes them the key decision-makers in the purchase decision. If you are to appeal to this young generation, targeting their millennial moms and dads with your aesthetic packaging is the way to go. 


Besides functionality, the aesthetic factor in your packaging matters if you are to attract new customers and make them keep coming back for more. Moreover, being more specific with the generation that you target with your products can yield better results. Seek to understand what appeals to your target demographics and design your aesthetic packaging accordingly. Hopefully, the above insights get you thinking.