The Macy’s Shopping Hacks That Will Change Everything

The Macy’s Shopping Hacks That Will  Change Everything

The Macy's Shopping Hacks That Will Change Everything

Love to shop at Macy’s? What if I tell you, you could save a ton of money with some shopping hacks. Yes, there are multiple ways that can save your money while shopping at Macy’s. These hacks are not something that Macy's advertises with full focus because they don’t want to grab much attention towards it. Although we have made a well-researched guide to help shoppers know how they can benefit the next time they shop at Macy's.

Best Hacks To Change The Way You Shop

Here we will discuss a few of the best hacks that could save you money while you shop at Macy's. Many people don’t know about it but they are a great way to shop more and save more.

1. Check Prices Online

This is one simple hack for all Macy's customers. Whenever you shop at Macy’s and think about buying an item, you should check the online price for the same item. If you find the online price to be cheaper, you can then request a price match at the store counter. It is also possible that the price is low due to a coupon, in that case, you could try asking for the same coupon for your in-store purchase as well. Both the scenarios are possible.

If by mistake you have bought the wrong product, you can visit Macy's return policy to know about the return policy. 

2. Check the Price Tags

Macy’s has a system to attach the price tag to their products. They are colour coded and if you are aware of the coding system, it could help you make a smart purchase decision.

Yellow Tags - they are the final sale item and the price is fixed and this product will now not be sold for anything less than the price already mentioned on the tag. The price on such tags usually ends with “6.”

Blue Tags - these are items whose price can go down one more time but there is no guarantee by how much. They are usually already on 70% discount and the price will end with “3.”

White Tags - These items have a chance to get marked down in price. You will find their price ending with a “3” or a “6.” So always check the price of an item with a white tag.

3. Get a Beauty Item

It is a great hack to save a few bucks. When you are purchasing anything from the online store of Macy’s, if you do not buy enough items, you will have to pay $10.95 for shipping charges. Whereas if you add a beauty item to your cart, you will get free shipping. The minimum amount for a beauty product is $4. So you might just save about $6.

4. Order a Pick-up


Another great hack for shopping at Macy’s is to order your purchase online but for a pick up from the nearest Macy’s store. This would give you around 15% off on your next purchase.

5. Connect to Macy’s WiFi

This hack is not as concrete as all the other hacks but sometimes if you log in to Macy’s wifi, you will be offered a coupon and you can use that coupon for a discount of up to 10%. It is small but it is better than nothing.

Best Sales at Macy’s

Here is another great way to save more while shopping at Macy's. You must know about the Macy's sales and when do they set up these sales. It will definitely help you get good discounts and good planning before shopping can never hurt.

One Day Sales: There is no fixed date for this sale but Macy's puts up many one day sales throughout the year. This comes with a great discount on many items and could be a good way to save money on something you really want. These sales will be previewed one day in advance.

Semi-annual Sales: The name explains it, this sale occurs just twice a year and has great clearance sales in many categories. There are no exact dates for this sale but Macy does advertise, so just keep a close eye.

Major holidays: Macy's is known to give great deals around the time of major holidays like the fourth of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc. Shop around these holidays and you will save a good amount of money.

Black Friday: A great day to grab your favourite products. Black Friday deals can help you save a lot and shop more. You will get a discount in-store and even online.

Don’t Miss Out on these Sales

It is of great help if you know when to shop at Macy's. You could save a lot if you shop at Macy’s during sales or holidays or even on a normal day but using the hacks that we discussed above. So plan what you need and go for it, give these hacks a try and let us know how much you saved.