Scalp Micropigmentation – Benefits and Side Effects You Should Know About

Scalp Micropigmentation – Benefits and Side Effects You Should Know About

Scalp Micropigmentation - Benefits and Side Effects You Should Know About

A lot of people who experience hair loss assume that hair transplants are the only solution. Hair transplants can be expensive and hard to manage since they are quite time-consuming and aren't that feasible for everyone. Micropigmentation is a much easier and more cost-effective solution. 

The idea here is to artificially pigment the skin on the scalp so it gives the impression of a fuller head of hair. The process is very similar to getting a tattoo with the difference being that this is meant to make your scalp look like it has hair on it and to give the existing hair a denser look. Here are some of the main things you need to know about it.


The biggest advantage to this process is that it can be for anybody. You don't need to have a certain skin type, you don't need donor's hair, and you don't need to qualify for surgery. However, people facing certain skin conditions might find that it is not as effective for them. For instance, people with scalp psoriasis may not see the same desired results. Generally, however, scalp micropigmentation is consistent with most skin types. So if you have been put off by the cost of a hair transplant, this is the next best alternative. Also, micro-pigmentation doesn’t require ongoing procedures like other hair treatments do.


The good news, as mentioned above, is that micropigmentation is a cost-effective alternative to hair transplants. The cost of the procedure depends on the scope of work involved. If you just have a little patch on the side of your head it could cost just a couple of hundred dollars. Note, however, that bigger jobs could cost a couple of thousand dollars. In general, the cost is nearly $1000 dollars on average if you get it done by a properly qualified local professional here in Las Vegas. The main goal is to make sure you receive treatment from professional certified scalp micropigmentation training in Las Vegas, as you do not want to risk dealing with non certified practitioners. Looking for cheaper procedures would be compromising on quality, noncertified, and consequently your own safety.


The major disadvantage of micropigmentation is not so much a disadvantage of the treatment as it is a problem with the service providers. There is the possibility of infections and diseases. As mentioned above, you need to look into service providers who are certified and that adhere to the best hygienic practices. Since you don’t have to be a medical doctor to provide this type of service for hair loss, there are a lot of substandard service providers in the market. If a service provider is qualified though, they will most likely display a certificate at their practice. The only way for customers to gauge the quality of a service provider is through the certifications they have done and by ensuring that the certifications are from a good institute.

The important thing when getting micro pigmentation done is to get a good match between the color of your hair and the pigmentation on your skin. The closer the pigmentation is to the natural colors on your body, the better it will look. The best way to find out about this is to look at the past jobs the practitioner has done. Ask the professional specifically for pictures of patients who have had a similar skin tone and hair color to yours and see how it looks. Spend some time finding the right practitioner and it will be a great change if you are already struggling with hair loss.